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The Maze Runner

Not as exciting as it should have been.

Film 46 – The Maze Runner – Friday 31 October 2014


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts…

Film 45 – Ghostbusters – Tuesday 28 October 2014

This is Where I Leave You

Amazing cast.  Liked the slow unravelling of the plot.

Film 44 – This is Where I Leave You – Sunday 26 October 2014

The Judge

Robert Downey Jr was really good in this, he looked like a little boy at times wanting his father’s approval.  Funny and touching, although it felt a bit long.

Film 43 – The Judge – Saturday 18 October 2014

The Rewrite

Hugh Grant plays a sleazy character well.  Inconsequential but reasonably entertaining.  The two characters fell in love unconvincingly, as is often the way in films.

Film 42 – The Rewrite – Sunday 12 October 2014

1214: Bergerault Vibraphone (part 4)

This post continues on from 1214: Bergerault vibe (part 3) and started with 1214: Bergerault vibe (part 1)

The inner two note rails are only supported at the high end of the vibraphone by a metal bracket. 193 more words

Instrument Repair

1214: Bergerault Vibraphone (part 3)

This post continues on from 1214 Bergerault vibe (part 2) and starts with
1214: Bergerault vibe (part 1)

The above image shows my progress with the Bergerault vibraphone over the last three days, from the left; prime, undercoat, top coat. 299 more words

Instrument Repair