Tags » October 2013

battle/oct. 30 2013

i never thought twice about why on earth
i would dream of my ribs kicked in,
your feet blooming bruises across all my best parts… 98 more words


different strokes/oct. 29 2013

i have two sets of slashed tires,
an irish godfather, and at least four
rifles behind my back.

your entire body has always been a question mark- 88 more words


NCLB/oct. 29 2013

today, in classroom 305,
i cried learning about jamie nabozny.

i am an education major,
i hope to one day teach children.
i am a 19 year old in a diversity and education class, 349 more words


brambles/oct. 29 2013

know what it means when i say-
i do not always want to be around you,
but i always want to fall asleep next to you. 58 more words


white honda accord/oct. 28 2013

the year i never wore a jacket.

i used to refuse frostbite by sheer force of will-
too stubborn to give my time of day to winter… 82 more words


ikea parking lot/oct. 21 2013

your face is a constant reminder that life goes on.

i am always fighting the urge to collapse-
faint my way out of things.
born wingless and cord wrapped- 117 more words



all i can hope is that you make exceptions for my transience.

solidity has never quite stuck to me;
i find myself ducking
and growing sick with wishing. 139 more words