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all i can hope is that you make exceptions for my transience.

solidity has never quite stuck to me;
i find myself ducking
and growing sick with wishing. 139 more words


oct. 18 2013

you are greedy, mostly.

you have been loved so much.
you take it because it easy, and because
you never felt like you deserved it… 31 more words


oct. 17 2013

i am someone you never could forget;

not quite the white sheep of your dreams,
never the mama you wanted me to be.
i was too sick of nursing hearts… 50 more words


paperclipping/oct. 12 2013

the thing is
writers write verses on the
soft-soled dance of your hips
or that open door conversation that
we once had when we were six… 48 more words


oct. 12 2013

there comes a moment where, yes,
you are suddenly aware of all of your skin.
i have never been able to explain the size
of my misunderstanding. 87 more words


brining/oct. 10 2013

thanksgiving is mostly just a lot of missing everyone

grandma died six years ago and
it seems none of us can eat together anymore.
together at every wedding, we snicker and trade catholic whispers. 143 more words


3/4 chlorophyll/oct. 7 2013

three words i am waiting for my tongue to grow comfortable around.

i feel it;
the way you turn my body into a question. the way i love your body, 146 more words