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Pweza (Octopus). The Beach Bungalow Build. Zanzibar. Part 10.

Pweza restaurant and its bungalows are named after the Octopus. Octopus is life sustaining in the small villages of Zanzibar. Octopus to sell at local markets, resorts and restaurants and octopus for the family to eat. 360 more words


Summer Seafood Salad

As a child celebrations were always marked with great big meals for friends and family. Starters were a giant “antipasto” – the dish before the main meal. 648 more words


Octopus inspires new camouflage material

The octopus’s ability to camouflage itself has inspired a new kind of thin, flexible fabric that can automatically match patterns, US researchers said Tuesday.

Creatures of the ocean known as cephalopods — including cuttlefish, squid and octopuses — are naturally equipped with sensors in their skin that help in some way to mimic the look of their surroundings. 513 more words


Octopus Skin Has Inspired a New Type of Camouflage Sheet

Scientists have developed a color-changing device inspired by octopuses and their natural camouflaging techniques.

The research, carried out at the University of Houston and University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, looked at how the skins of octopuses, squid and cuttlefish can change color so rapidly. 260 more words

Little Greek Octopuses

I have been carving stamps again. This time it was octopuses. The design is based on the simplified octopus patterns that can be found on ancient greek coins. 28 more words

Art On Tuesday