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Fairy Brings Octopus to Life

This was a scene I animated for a group project.

This is where the fairy has finished sewing the octopus, puts the pins back into the deer pin cushion, and then the octopus swims away into the air. 9 more words


Watercolor for to ease up my eyes.

And so after 3 hours of staring at that owl’s black and white lines. I needed to see some colors. So I wrapped up the Octopus for my friend.

Happy Hour Octopus

Traditionally drawn octopus. Colored pencil, marker, and pen.

Janelle Dimmett 2014

Why did the Octopus cross the road?

I don’t know, but I made a drawing of one swimming somewhere. Something different. Can’t call yourself a wild life illustrator if you only draw birds and branches right? 96 more words

To The Octopus I Chanced Upon One Early Winter's Eve

As if I needed another excuse to travel, in 1999 I became a certified scuba diver. All of a sudden there it was—another world to explore. 493 more words

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