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This makes use of the OCZ NIA (Neural Impulse Activator) advanced biotechnology games interface as an analogue to digital converter, by replacing the headband and just stuffing a small analogue signal in one of the inputs in relation to the reference (centre) connector pin. 21 more words


A better Server-side Flash Solution for increased VM Density

Many of the IT professionals who came to VMworld this week are facing the same situations, they’re looking at flash to increase VM density and improve overall performance. 463 more words


OCZ’s Enterprise SATA SSDs deliver consistently better performance

Flash is replacing hard disk drives (HDDs) in more and more environments, and not just as boot drives for PCs and laptops. Enterprises are turning to a new class of high performance SATA-based drive form-factor SSDs to accelerate databases, push high-transaction processing applications and improve virtual server performance. 435 more words


OCZ Revodrive 3 - Sabertooth Z77

Los discos de almacenamiento han tenido grandes avances durante los ultimos años, pasando de los tradicionales discos mecánicos a discos de tipo eléctronico donde la data se almacena en chips de memoria. 365 more words