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Critical reflection on aid and development

A critical reflection on Riddell, R 2007, Does foreign aid really work?, Oxford University Press, Chapter 6, p. 91-106.

With the fast-approaching 2015 deadline for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), I have been particularly interested over the past few weeks to read a range of articles about the objectives of foreign aid, and to look at the contribution of foreign aid towards the reduction of poverty in the least developed countries. 467 more words

Aid And Adjustment

2013 Operational Detachment Alpha 5216 Unit Challenge Coins, Ver. 1-3

More recently, elements from 5th Special Forces Group (SFG) again returned to Afghanistan in 2013 to train and advise Arab units participating in the international coalition and Afghan security forces. 1,064 more words


Commonwealth, colonialism and the International Community.

I want to look into the relevance of the Commonwealth, how the effects of colonialism affect relations between former colonies and their former ‘rulers’ compared to members of the commonwealth, and whether there is an equivalent for former colonies that were not colonised by the British empire. 674 more words

Oware - More Disappointment

 I could barely conceal my glee as we went down the stairs together.  QS thought it was a shock and a shame, like he did about everything in Ghana that went wrong.  446 more words




Un discipol actor îi spuse Maestrului:

  • Maestre,aş vrea mâine să declam o odă adusă celor care au ales atenţia în locul luptei şi al strădaniei,care au ales bucuria pentru reusitele celorlalţi ,în locul invidiei,care au ales Adevărul din izvorul nesecat al Iubirii, în locul fricii pentru ziua de mâine,care au ales Credinţa ,în locul credintelor,care au ales verbul A fi ,înaintea lui A Face şi A Avea,care au ales răbdarea,,înlocul judecăţii,care au ales iertarea în locul osândei,care au veştejit buruiana minciunii.Cum ar suna?
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