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RAC One Node 12c-revisited on ODA featuring database on ACFS

Thanks to Andy Colvin (@acolvin) and the Enkitec lab I have been able to get my hands on an ODA X4-2. And since that’s a lot quieter than turning on my own lab server, and also a lot faster I used the environment to test RAC One Node in 1,673 more words


ODA News from Oracle OpenWorld 2014 by Simon Haslam

Oracle has been putting a lot of engineering effort into the new ODA 12c release so this is quite a long article. The latest ODA news from last week can be summarized as: 355 more words


Growing share of European development aid disguised as loans

EXCLUSIVE: About a third of German, and more than half of French development aid payments made since 2005 were in fact loans to poorer countries on which they will receive interests, EurActiv can reveal. 451 more words

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오고 싶어요 (Ogo Sipeoyo), 가고 싶어요 (Gago Sipeoyo) 지 마세요 (-ji maseyo)

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!

Today is a continuation from yesterday with a familiar but new ending. Yesterday, the WOTD was “왔어요. (wasseoyo)” and “왔어요? (wasseoyo?)” mean “You came.” or “You came?” Today, we’re putting it in a “first person perspective”. 259 more words

Word Of The Day

Vốn ODA mới của Nhật Bản tập trung mạnh vào sân bay, cảng biển

Hiệu quả trong sử dụng nguồn vốn ODA đối với các dự án hạ tầng giao thông là cơ sở để có thêm nhiều dự án mới sử dụng nguồn vốn vay ODA Nhật Bản được triển khai trong thời gian tới. 1,336 more words

Nhật Bản

Oda Batting Center

Do you like baseball? How about batting? Baseball is a famous sport all over the world. If you want to practice batting, you can do it in Iwami. 359 more words


One Piece

A cover image for the manga comic One Piece, 1997, by Eiichiro Oda.