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Odd Thomas Audio Review #iartg

I just finished listening to this book last week and enjoyed it. I haven’t read a ton of Koontz (Mr. Murder, Tick Tock, and the one with that guy who had to scale a building to escape a couple killers come to mind) and his style was pretty refreshing. 33 more words


Reality of the Resurrection

Resurrection Day!

Here is a lyrical poem from Odd Thomas, reminding us of the significance of this day.

Happy Easter!


Book review: "Odd Thomas"

“Odd Thomas,” written by Dean Koontz, is one of those books I wanted very much to enjoy, but just didn’t. It is the kind of story I should have found gripping, but, like a spirit almost ready to leave this world behind, I often found myself close to “letting go.” 428 more words


10 Word Review - Odd Thomas

Action. Adventure. Effects. Humor. Heart. Story. Dialogue. Campy. Enjoyable. Yes.


Odd Thomas DVD Review

Director Stephen Sommers has been going big on the last few movies he has done, from Deep Rising toG.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra… 709 more words


Odd Thomas Review

Odd Thomas is about a young twenty-something named Odd who has abilities.  He can see dead people, see these hellish creatures called bodachs that feed off of eventual death, and he is clairvoyant.   628 more words


Review: Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

Do I really need to start on another series?  Uh… yes.  This has been highly recommended by my friends from many different circles.  Even those friends who I didn’t know were readers told me that this is one of their favorites, if not THE favorite book series.  508 more words