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Afternoon Oddness

Sometimes imagination can be problematic. It is far rarer for a lack of imagination to be the cause of the problem, but such was the case when the life of Lord Barrington Pheasant is taken into account. 582 more words

Time-Travel and Fish Vengeance: They Just Don't Mix

Just read the following article. You will thank me many many many times over. Then follow The Byronic Man. You’ll thank me for that later too. 13 more words

I Have The Same Habits As a Guy!

   So I’m a girl…in case you didn’t catch that, but I admit that there is some inner guy inside of me that reaches the surface more often than normal. 450 more words


25 Weird things I do

1) Wear boxers to bed. So breezy! Gotta let my lady business breathe.

2)Eat crutons instead of chips. YUM YUM

3)Shower to motivate me to workout… 371 more words


1940s Rat Rod Go Cart

Pop Strutts (my grampa) created this bit of vehicular awesome from a lawnmower engine, some stray bicycle parts and wood scraps. There was no steering wheel, only a tiller. 189 more words


Is anyone IN there?


I do have to use the toilets everyday and I must encounter the same situations. You will often see a door stall closed or it looks closed. 161 more words