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Bleary eyed and satisfied in Amsterdam

Yes, everything you’ve heard about Amsterdam is true. If you’re seeking the bizarre and the beautiful, then this town, I am happy to tell you, is your well-spring. 212 more words


weird weather

Yesterday morning thick clouds covered the sky and cast an odd green light that promised a storm was coming. Because I’m from Michigan, I’ve seen my fair share of weird weather but what happened next was completely unexpected. 430 more words


There is still kindness in the world!

Well some of you may remember a few weeks ago I had a bit whinge about not being able to get my son into a trampolining programme…anywhere. 677 more words



Scared, I made the streaks.  I had to.  Making them, is me.  And then, when they saw, they didn’t understand.  The smears were for me, to tell them.   45 more words

Don't swallow your spit- Odd walking thoughts.

When the flame, in which you produced is close, keep this in mind.  The smoke rolls, near your face, your lips, you have a moment when you realize.   18 more words

Oddity #1

The day even went odd was a fraud, perpetrated on half and one of humanity. Just to offset even one solitary instance of virtue, demanded a terrible deed… 14 more words