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A Sister's A-Ha Moment

When we first learned that our youngest son had ADHD, ODD, sensory processing disorder (he is a seeker!), and several other things we knew we would hit road blocks. 671 more words

Military Special Needs Network

5 Ways You Sleep that Reveal Your Destiny....

Who would’ve thought that even the way you sleep can reveal things about you? According to traditional Chinese medicine, sleeping habits indicate character and destiny. In Chinese, this ancient field of study is referred to as 相學 (xiàng xué). 139 more words


Talkin' Down To Honky

Way too many irreverent snarkage possibilities to be included here, so leave ‘em in the comments. Go for it.


#100happydays of a #LunaticGirl | Day 6

Day 6:

#100happydays of a #LunaticGirl

Day6 : I always want to be odd. And then they say I’m crazy! If Odd is crazy then I am Crazy :D Isn’t that crazy?

Dreaming Nomad

Photos: ‘Jenga-like’ hotel made from recycled shipping containers

TORONTO – Architects based in Hong-Kong-have designed an eye-popping hotel composed of recycled shipping containers stacked on top of one another.

READ MORE: Could a vertical railway station on a skyscraper be a way of the future? 269 more words