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Man revives woman with AED, branded a "pervert" for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads

A man in Japan says he was questioned by police and branded a “pervert” after providing emergency medical assistance to a stranger. The man was attending to a woman who had been involved in a traffic accident when he believes someone who saw him… 657 more words



A worked with me today. She has been acting off with me for awhile now, not really talking to me. No big deal.
So our boss mentions J and A glances toward me. 23 more words


It's been a long time

It’s been a long time between posts lately. I’ve been extremely sick with ‘morning’ sickness. Every day I’ve felt like throwing up continuously through the whole day and couldn’t eat anything to give me energy. 781 more words


Porcelain Action Figures - In Action

From a height of three meters, porcelain figurines are dropped on the ground, and the sound they make when they hit trips the shutter release. The result: razor-sharp images of disturbing beauty—temporary sculptures made visible to the human eye by high-speed photography technology.

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