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Oddities: The Guy Game

“Look, stereotypes exist for a reason. As, erm, ‘serious gamers’ we’re well aware that games are played by women, they’re certainly not just for children and they’re not all shooty shooty bang bang things (although we’re also aware that most of them are). 65 more words

Ryan Davies

Photos: Dogs in awesome Halloween costumes

Are you one to dress up your furry friend on Halloween? Check out these pooches who had very creative owners who put a lot of effort in to dressing them up for 24th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City. 79 more words


Halloween Horror: Line Voltage on the Loose!

I hauled the Kenmore 158 sewing machine and controller to a Squidwrench meeting for some current measurements (and, admittedly, showing it off) while schmoozing. After hauling it home and setting it up on my bench again, it didn’t work: the motor didn’t run at all. 276 more words

Machine Shop

B.C. scientists use pigs to study how bodies decompose at sea

Criminals who watch too much Dexter may think the way to get away with murder is to dump the body in the sea.

But, according to new research from Simon Fraser University, it all depends on the ocean’s oxygen levels, said SFU criminologist Gail Anderson, who led the study published recently in PLoS One, which is the first to investigate what happens to bodies when they are immersed in the sea. 376 more words


1 Day to Halloween - Got Sinister?

Hello everyone! The photographer, Christine McConnell, is featured on Yahoo! today and, in the spirit of my Halloween blog posts, I decided to look into her. 71 more words

Paranormal investigator uncovers chilling audio from historic Ottawa home

“Pain, kill you too.”

It’s a chilling message (posted below) that paranormal investigator Michelle McKay says she captured on her electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recorder while investigating an old bed and breakfast in Ottawa in 2009. 367 more words