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Merlin working magic on hobbled Lancaster

The rapid recovery is thanks to the Brits, who happened to have a couple of Lanc engines lying around.

The Hamilton Lancaster, one of only two in the world that can be flown, was grounded after a precautionary shutdown of one of its engines late last week. 439 more words


Artfully Awful

Masterpieces they surely aren’t, which is the irreverent rationale for the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)  — with its tagline “Art too bad to be ignored” — and founded in 1993 in Boston as a repository for ill-begotten visions of inspiration gone astray. 184 more words


U.S. student gains rep as squirrel whisperer

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – A Penn State student is gaining an Internet reputation as a “squirrel whisperer” for befriending, feeding and dressing up a furry little friend she has named “Sneezy.” 74 more words


Delta Air flight diverted over reclining seat dispute

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Officials say a Delta Air Lines flight from New York to West Palm Beach was diverted because of a passenger dispute over a reclining seat. 107 more words


Quebec elementary school bans homework

MONTREAL – Students at a Quebec elementary school may be some of the happiest in the country as they prepare for another year in the classroom. 366 more words


Former Canadian Nazi runs for office in Ontario’s cottage country

The man who once started the Canadian Nazi Party now lives in a little green house on Newcastle Road, in the cottage-country town of Minden. The Red Ensign flag is raised outside his porch. 960 more words


103-year old Japanese runner challenges Usain Bolt

Closing in on his 104th birthday, a twinkle-toed Japanese sprinter has thrown down the challenge to the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, telling him: “let’s rumble!” 785 more words