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Earliest evidence of writing discovered in Indonesia

Human beings are nothing if not creative. Now it seems that the cradle of civilisation lay in Java, where scientists have identified what may be the earliest example of writing. 426 more words

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Waves in the Clouds

When I left for work this afternoon, I looked up in the sky and saw something like Janet Long in Big Cove saw: those wavy clouds! 385 more words

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Horse Feeder

Traveling along the back roads in Cherry County, NE, I came upon this horse feeder.  No horses were in sight, but I needed this picture to explain what a horse feeder looked like. 101 more words

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Watching Several Systems Through Christmas Eve

Look for a chance of light rain through Christmas Eve in the Tennessee Valley. It won’t rain the whole time from now until then, but several systems move through. 239 more words


Simple pleasures

This is the late great Miss Ellie Mae enjoying a bowl of milk.

George is jealous…he just showed up with a squeaky toy demanding playtime. 44 more words

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Gray Wednesday

It’s a cloudy, cool Wednesday in the Tennessee Valley. Temperatures likely stay in the middle to upper 40s all afternoon. Winds are up a little making wind chills dip into the upper 30s. 150 more words


Some French Idioms

Idiomatic expressions cannot be understood from the meanings of the separate words, but have a separate meaning of their own – a great way to sound more French in a conversation and most expressions are already familiar in their English meaning.   360 more words