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An unusual course of events

One of the few benefits of spending 10 minutes a day, most days over the past few years, churning out less than erudite rumination more often than not, is that when Ukraine and/or Odessa are for some reason internationally interesting, approaches are made by journalists wanting either an interview (most requests refused), or a “fixer” to facilitate interviews, or meeting requests are made by NGOs, academics, think-tankers, observers of various sorts, the occasional wandering politician, and  flocks of passing diplomats for (mostly) off the record chats. 611 more words


Poroshenko signs election law amendments......but......

After returning from what can only be described as a less than successful ASEM Summit with regard to progress vis a vis The Kremlin, President Poroshenko has signed the election law amendments relating to voter bribery. 490 more words


Odessa Port Side - Dmitry Firtash

Odessa Port Side is a State owned entity of arguably some strategic value – which is why despite being rumoured to be on the privitisation lists of various Ukrainian governments over the years, it has after deliberation, never actually been sold – at least it has never been sold as far as anybody knows, and remains on the register of the State Property Fund. 509 more words


Behind the scenes at the RADA today

Rightly, the media attention will be focused on numerous laws and some appointments made within the Ukrainian RADA today.

A new Defence Minister (again) was appointed. 323 more words


"I WILL BE THERE" official music video from ODESSA

Good video, directed by Nicole McDonald. It captures the haunting and hypnotic mood of the song.
Don’t forget to read my review of the self-titled E.P. that this song comes from.

I Will Be There By Odessa

Mens rea - The Shufrych incident (and beyond)

Yesterday, as the sharp-eyed amongst you readers will have noticed, there was no entry.  That due to a requirement to be in Kyiv.  Whilst away for the day, a very sad incident occurred in Odessa whereby RADA MP Nestor Shufrych was beaten by demonstrators strongly objecting to his presence in the city. 1,541 more words