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Mind the energy gap - Odessa blackouts

In creating a priority “to do” list for the Ukrainian political class, its current leadership and legislative chamber, what would be amongst the items topping the list when there is so much to do? 432 more words


Dead to rights in Odessa

Somewhat late in the day, due to a desire to see where matters would lead, a local corruption issue where the dead are held to ransom, and the guilty are caught dead to rights. 373 more words


From lustration to nepotism?

Whether or not the lustration law will work as intended, regular readers will know there is more than a little doubt – depending upon the intent of those implementing the law of course. 266 more words


Leaving the club - or several actually (Odessa)

As regular readers will have noted, the blog has recently become rather “Odessa-centric” – for good reason. ┬áThere are those that read this blog in Kyiv, Brussels and several capitals specifically to get a “feel” for what is going on in Odessa at certain times – particularly at times of unexpected incident, elections or “interesting developments” upon which it is felt necessary comment is made. 288 more words


A brief Post Mortem - Odessa

As election results start to be declared, there will be those who may be somewhat surprised by some results from certain regions of Ukraine – we can look to Kharkiv and Odessa for some that may, prima facie, make us ponder. 1,863 more words


Whilst counting continues - Odessa projections

Although counting continues and official winners are yet to be named, the expected outcomes of the elections as far as Odessa is concerned seems likely to produce the following results: 144 more words


The electoral (infringement) map - Ukraine

Having mentioned electoral law infringements several times recently, it is perhaps wise to look at those infringements on a national basis, region by region.

Firstly there is… 563 more words