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UK to adopt ODF as standard format

This could be an important move, the UK adopts ODF as standard format for government documents. Stated reasons; the open standards will reduce the cost incurred by users and it will be easier for them to work with the government when they use ODF. 28 more words

LibreOffice / OpenOffice

LibreOffice 4.3: today, you can't own a better office suite

- Better OOXML interoperability, and support of legacy Mac file formats

- Better comment management, and highly intuitive spreadsheet handling

- 3D models in Impress, and support for “monster” paragraphs… 729 more words


There may be Hope for Johnny (the Book Formatter) Yet

Earlier this year I wrote one of the more successful entries I’ve posted at this site thus far. It’s received over 1600 reads to date, and is titled… 1,015 more words


WebODF v0.5.0 released: Highlights

Today, after a long period of hard work and preparation, having deemed the existing WebODF codebase stable enough for everyday use and for integration into other projects, we have tagged the v0.5.0 release and published an… 1,246 more words

Lencho Leta's Interview on OMN: His Past Actions and Future Plans for Oromo and Ethiopia

There are few Oromo nationalists who have survived long and bitter struggle for freedom which often times faced brutal killings and imprisonment. Lencho Leta, one of the founders of the… 486 more words


Dhammassaa Qeerroo Orommoo!

Esak Xixaa

“Gaffiin umataa oromoo gaffii jirchuufii jirchuu dhabutii mallee gaffii siyyassaa qofaa mittii.”

Namni oromoo ta´ee waa’ee oromoo naa quqaa jedhee hudii motummaa abbaa irree wayyaannee ykn TPLF waggottaa 23 darbbanii keessaa gaffii ummattaa orommoo fi billsuummaa umattaa oromoo ukkammssee ijollee,aboottee,hawwttii,osoo hin jedhiin nama sabbaa oromoo taee gaffii mirgaa gaffattuu hunddaa irratii xiyyeeffchuuni gochaa sanyii balleessuu rawwachaa turunii isaa nii bekkammaa kuni kanan osoo jiruu yeroo ammaa maqqaa master planii finfinee jedhuuni magallottaa nanwwaa finfinee jirani hundaa finfinee jalatii debisuuni akkaa fedhii isatii maqqaa investimentiintiin qottee bullaa laffa irraa buqqisuu qabenyaa umatichaa sammuufii hallaa mijjeefchuu qofa irrattii xiyyeeffattee Afaan adaa fi qabenyaa umataa kan balleesuufii kutatee ka´uuni isaa kan bekkamme… 149 more words