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It's getting darker

Officially it’s still autumn, but last night we already had the first frost, and the days are noticeably shorter now, even so it’s 7 more weeks till midwinter. 569 more words


An Insider's View of Godspousery

(This was going to be just a reblog with a few comments, but turned into more of its own separate post–hence the title.)

I’m not sure how I managed to miss… 1,311 more words


North Sea Nostrum

By way of editorial comment: For the love of “Beowulf,” “The Wanderer,” “The Seafarer,” and “The Dream of the Rood”! I loved my undergraduate studies of… 405 more words


Journey Into Mystery #84: Thor deigns to involve himself in the squabbles of men

One thing that sometimes doesn’t ring true in these early stories is the political tensions inserted into the plot.

It makes sense that Dr. Donald Blake would be anti-communist, and working with an NGO to provide aid to the oppressed people of San Diablo, a dictatorship in South America that serves as a very loose parallel for the Cold War-era South and Central American nations that aligned themselves with the Soviet Union. 283 more words



So I might have got into Odin’s favors, and it’s harder to explain how I did it?

I might will be politely clueless after this. But, hey, it’s all good here! 24 more words



I found out whom this God is that I met with alone last night; my love, Loki told me of a request from this God that he trusts. 48 more words