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Rune Song

When I was a kid, there was always a song in my head. I was visited by an old man that I came to know was Odin. 351 more words



The day comes for the sacrifice. It is a holy day. In the preceding weeks, since Divination first indicated and was confirmed, that Odin wished a sacrifice, there has been much to accomplish, so much to get done. 552 more words


Journey Into Mystery #100c (January 1964)

Marvel Number: ADT0019

Writer: Stan Lee

Artists: Jack Kirby

Synopsis: Thor & Loki witness Storm Giants steal Golden Apples of Iduna. They follow them into a castle where Loki pushes Thor out into the open. 87 more words


End Times

“When the mind of our world will explode, determined and resigned, no longer trying to make amends for the horrors it’s seen, then the sky will fill with debris; it will fill with the longships in which we depart.  788 more words

Creative Writing


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Just Be

Just to mark this down to remember it, to let it sink in. Something that has been Said over and over to me when I ask whatever it is I “should” be doing…. 513 more words

Gods & Goddesses