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Being Kept Warm

While in bed.
The best feeling in the world during the winter. <3


hanged man

Oh, this card! There he is, that guy, just hanging there upside down. *massive sigh*. Is it torture? A punishment? Crucifixion? Certainly, at this particular moment he doesn’t appear to be master of his own fate. 250 more words

...and When I Get Home I Read Some More

American Gods by Neil Gaiman - Book Review

It is surprising, perhaps, that I have just now read American Gods by Neil Gaiman, considering that it is one of those rare, modern-day classics.  I’ve never read any books by Neil Gaiman before either, which is possibly even more surprising, since he both writes in my favorite genres and can claim to be one of the most successful writers alive.  386 more words

Gods in Dresses, Women in Armour

When you think of gender-bending in Norse myth, the trickster-god Loki springs to mind. Would you be surprised to know that Odin and Thor have also dragged up, albeit not very successfully in Thor’s case? 1,329 more words


Odin's Quests

I will be presenting a “story time for big kids” in a few weeks, and the stories to be presented are Norse Myths!  As I prepare for this program, I will be creating my own versions of these stories, taking bits and pieces from different translations and weaving it all together in a narrative that works best for my tastes.  1,841 more words

Norse Myths

Unlikely Trio

A sketch of a group of teenage gifted ones.  From left to right: Raefa, Odin, and Verdandi.  Enjoy!



I’m behind in my reading because Life. So here:

Live at the Odin Arena!