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When Personal Myth Conflicts

Recently, Jo wrote about Personal Myth Cycles, and how she’s been coming to terms with the fact that some of her own personal myths regarding Poseidon don’t mesh with known “lore.” The material we come to accept as lore, as she points out, is nothing more or less than shared/peer-corroborated personal gnosis/doxa (PCPG) with the weight of years or tradition behind it. 3,180 more words


Indoor - This post is part of SoCS

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Indoor a lot of time now, where it starts to be more cold even here in Spain. In the morning I need a jacket, scarf and gloves, which change a little later, where it can be possible to sit in the garden and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 217 more words


Odin's Raven

She is my laughter in the morning
My bright eyed princess
My truth and my joy
My constant constellation
Twinkling at me happily
I will move mountains for her… 64 more words


Yule Advent Calendar- Ideas

In trying to put together a Yule Advent Calendar (and mentally block out all the commercial BS!) , I’m looking around at other folks’ practices. Beth like me, enjoys adapting medieval holidays to her own purposes. 265 more words


5 Unanswered Plot Questions and Mysteries for Marvel Movies

Greetings fellow Marvelites and thanks for reading. I’m here again to discuss Marvel Studios and what they have us anticipating for their next movies. We know about the major headlines and plots of the upcoming films; but what about the in depth and possibly over looked things in past films? 790 more words


Candle success!

Last weekend, instead of doing a big candle pour, I decided to devote a day to research and development for the fixed mason jar candles… 660 more words


Affectionate Experience While at Work!

I had an interesting experience while at work; I was standing there in front of a customer who was deciding on what to get for dinner tonight. 180 more words