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The Power of Negative Thinking

People talk a lot about the power of positive thinking, and it does indeed have its benefits. I, however, often think I have gotten more mileage out of the power of negative thinking. 474 more words

On the Origin of Stockings

There’s a couple of ways to go with this: the Christmas tradition and the origin of the word itself. I’ll do both.

The tradition of hanging stockings at Christmas has a few origin stories. 416 more words



Something is coming. I can feel it. There is a vibration in the air. I’m guessing the coming solstice has something to do with it but there is something else and I can’t place it. 77 more words

UPG And Inspiration

Problems with cultural pride -- if you're white.

As I write this, Beth’s daughter (again, my not-quite-step-daughter) is in NYC taking part of the protests going on there. I’ve got various news sites running in the background. 1,458 more words

Modern Day Worship

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I had intended to reblog this last weekend but was interrupted by a power outage and then (yay fibro brain!) kept forgetting to go back to it. Thank the gods, my daughter and her boyfriend got through the march safely, and I'm proud of her for going. Jo neglected to mention (I think?), but my daughter is of mixed race, and this is one reason why my own privilege is often invisible to me. While she was growing up, I lived in one of the most racially divided cities in the US (Philadelphia), and was married to a black man, her father. So I became used to being "othered" right along with them--treated more or less as though I too were black (at least when in their company). Even beyond that, my adoptive father was black, and I only found out I was adopted at the age of 18 (he was light-skinned, but even so, yes, I know it should have been obvious; I was a kid, what can I say?) So growing up, I didn't think of myself as "white," per se, despite the white face I saw in the mirror. But the fact that my privilege has remained largely invisible to me for most of my life doesn't mean it isn't there, or that it doesn't need to be examined. When I found out that I was adopted I also learned that I most likely have English and Scandinavian heritage through my birth parents. Am I proud of that? Hell, yeah. And I don't think being proud of it is wrong. However, any kind of cultural pride on the part of white people like myself needs to be handled with extreme sensitivity, recognizing that yes, we DO bear responsibility for the deeds of our ancestors, just as we bear their genes.

Did Odin inspire the Santa Claus legend? (Ask Me About Odin)

I’ve been meaning to get back to the “Ask Me About Odin” questions, since I have a few of them saved up.  I spent most of November writing a book (which I am now about 40,000 words into–probably about halfway through the first draft) at the same time as I was trying to keep my… 1,087 more words


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Reblogging this for seasonal appropriateness; I see this question floating around every year and this is my take on it.

Aaron Hernandez Merchandise Banned In Courtroom During Murder Trial

With former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez currently preparing for his upcoming trial in regards to the murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd; a judge is trying to ensure that any potential Hernandez supporters are silenced in her courtroom. 100 more words


Aether, Aeons, and the Psychic Censor

One thought I’ve had re: Carroll’s idea of the Aether is that it’s an attractive idea for an aesthetic and causal medium/realm—and it makes a certain intuitive sense, but I wonder if it ultimately has to make sense at all. 1,031 more words