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He is coming for me, that foul wolf.

I see his cold eyes honing in as he searches the battlefield.

I hear his subtle growl as he spies by visage among the Heroes that battle at my ankles. 479 more words

Viking Camp Norway 2014

Gudvangen in Norway is very special to me. It was here in 2011 that gave me a home when I had none. I lived barefoot in a Viking tent for most of that summer and reconnected to this ancestral land, the Valley of the Old Gods. 7 more words

Love notes from Freya, 7/26/14

“Man is the joy of man (and augmentation of the dust, and adorner of ships).” Love, Freya

I have to say that it continues to weird me out when Freya quotes rune poems at me, but maybe it’s just Her way of helping me out with my rune homework for Odin; who knows?

281 more words
Love Notes From Freya

Norse myth 101: Loki's role

Loki’s role is most confusing to pin down. As Ellis Davidson[1] puts it, “he is an ambivalent character, neither wholly good nor wholly bad.” 410 more words


Mapping the Gods

I’ve received a few requests to write about the differences between the Gods in various places (I will get my “reply” issue fixed soon, I promise). 1,285 more words


Gudvangen Norway Viking Ship.

Just got back from the Valley of The Old Gods with the tribe.

One Love.

Marvel Legends NEW Scarlet Witch,Odin BAF

Marvel Legends NEW Scarlet Witch,Odin BAF: http://youtu.be/sIYtGYW-SRE

I’m pretty disappointed at Marvel Legends for making us wait on this Sentry figure. They had promised this figure 2 years ago for their very first wave. 28 more words