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Heroism and Cowardice

When times get tough, just remember, during Ragnarok the gods and men strive together against the forces of evil, a small band making a last stand against the forces of… 497 more words

Being a Woman

Let us discuss the Christian view of a woman: the useless, the meaningless, the being that is worth no more than a horse. What living human on earth could possibly be fine with that? 538 more words


Modern Experiments in Ancient Worship: - Pagan Resurrection by Richard Rudgley

These days we are used to hearing about religious fundamentalism and blind faith leading to terrorist atrocities. Radical fighters seem more than willing to hijack mainstream philosophies, warp them into their own bizarre ethical code and commit murder and destruction seemingly in the name of religion. 614 more words

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Asatru and Christianity

Asatru, probably better known as Odinism these days, can unite almost all reactionaries, whether pagan or Christian. There‚Äôs a lot Christians can learn from Odinism… 866 more words