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Whitetail Dragonfly

Libellula lydia, the Common Whitetail dragonfly. These dragonflies have a very bold and attention-getting appearance because of their large size, dark wing spots, and the large white abdomens of the males. 67 more words

A new species of dragonfly from northern Borneo

2 days ago, a new species of dragonfly from northern Borneo was described in the mega-journal Zootaxa. Although not all papers in this journal are open-access, this one, luckily, is. 180 more words


Insect in the spotlight: Darting Dragonflies

Since starting this series, I wanted to photograph a dragonfly. However, every time I saw one, it quickly flew away and I started giving up hope of photographing one this past season.  271 more words

2014 - done

As is customary I’m doing a review of the year and what a year it was. For many non-birding reasons it is one to forget, but for birding reason it will go down as a great year. 1,834 more words

Birds And Wildlife


I’ve finally finished recording the location data for the British dragonfly & damselfly collection. Just under 1000 specimens (976 to be exact) some of which could be rather fiddly! 102 more words

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