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Cheap Testimonies & Cheaper Worship

Lagniappe for October 11 (’14)

So many “testimonies” are reduced to what God has done for me, not what he has declared in the Christ.  Of course, it is inevitable that Christ does… 431 more words


Faith is the life of man

In a previous post I considered origins history, in particular those accounts of modernity that seek its origins in developments within medieval philosophy, through Michael Oakeshott’s essay… 1,130 more words


SLO Brew

SLO Brew has been the heart of the downtown San Luis Obispo entertainment scene for so long most of us can’t remember a time before it existed. 797 more words

Ethics for A Fracturing World: The Lord's Prayer

Name and Place for October 7 (’14)

Reading books on ethics can be exhilarating as answers to questions are found after diligent searching, or avenues of thought are opened after what seems like eons of mental construction clogging the roadways of thought.  716 more words

Name And Place