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Targets in Perpetual Pending State

After my issues with the patch bundle some of my database targets ended up in an odd ‘Status Pending’ state.  I received this guidance from RachelB on the OTN site for OEM Community at… 176 more words

OEM 12c

Monsters Ate My Repository Database

I applied the December Bundle Patch for OEM earlier this week and kicked off a series of agent upgrades.  Then monsters at my repository database. 92 more words

OEM 12c

AdminServer shows Down after IP Change

We recently changed IP addresses on hosts serving up LDAP/OID.  After the IP change the OID targets properly showed Up status in my OEM console but the WLS Admin Servers were bright RED. 328 more words

OEM 12c

emcli manage_agent_partnership

OEM 12c Release 4 has several new EM CLI verbs, including manage_agent_partnership.

From the on-line help:

“A partner agent is an agent that, in addition to its other functions, is assigned to another agent as its ‘partner’ in order to remotely monitor the availability of that agent and its host.” 146 more words

OEM 12c