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AWR Warehouse OEM

What is AWR Warehouse

•It is a Central warehouse configured for long term AWR data retention
•Historical and ongoing AWR snapshots collected from databases enabled for AWR warehouse… 1,735 more words

Configure BI Publisher for OEM Fast!

My biggest complaint about earlier versions of OEM came from the poor integration of BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager.  The Information Publisher said boldly that I/P will be discontinued in favor of BI Publisher.   558 more words

OEM 12c

EMCTL Blackout Scripts

The uptime metrics for my group are based on the times OEM has recorded for each target.  Timely blackouts, of course, are essential to keeping the numbers up and (more importantly) preventing Target Down notifications from being sent out. 912 more words

OEM 12c

Keeping a Tidy Software Library - Saved Patches

As we’ve started using the Life Cycle Management Pack we’ve started to accumulate some baggage in our Software Library.  You can find yours by going to the… 638 more words

OEM 12c

OEM 12c - How patched are you?

It is a common mistake for many people to get their OEM 12c environment up and running, and then neglect to keep it patched up. All the while they will be cursing at how many error messages and bugs they hit day after day. 730 more words


Zipper Frustration

I recently came across a template virtual machine for Oracle’s latest Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control (URL here) which came in four zipped files through Oracle’s eDelivery site.   287 more words


Speedy #em12c template export

Wither you use a single OEM and migrating to a new OEM or have multiple OEMs, the need to move templates between environments will arise.  I had this exact problem come up recently at a customer site between an OEM 11g and OEM 12c.   388 more words