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Speaking at Collaborate 2014

I’m a little behind on my updating my blog with images of conferences where I will be speaking (I’ll get to that later and hopefully fix it). 272 more words


SYSMAN View - IP Addresses

The deeper you dig, the more nuggets you find in the SYSMAN schema.

This question came up: What are the ipaddresses and subnets for all of our database servers? 154 more words

OEM 12c

#EM12c Browser Security – Certificate Installation

One thing that bugs me is browser security. When I access Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (OEM12c) through a browser and get the certificate error (Image 1), it just pushes my buttons. 468 more words


Stubborn Plugin Removal

I recently had experienced a failed installation of the Blue Medora VMware plugin for OEM 12c.  Nothing wrong with the software –I’d  installed the plugin against some non-VMware agents and now I couldn;t back it out to start over! 369 more words

OEM 12c

Setting Database LifeCycle Status in Bulk

It’s fairly inconvenient to set the Properites for an OEM target.  When you discover a new host or configure connection to a new database you aren’t prompted for LifeCycle Status, Department, Location, not any of the other ‘Properties’ assignable to a target. 333 more words

OEM 12c

OEM Agent Core directory deleted/re-add–What Happen? (EXADATA)

Ever have one of those days when someone calls and says “We/I accidently deleted the whole directory; can you get it back for me”? Well, over the weekend I had that happen with an OEM 12c agent on an Exadata, where the core directory for the agent was deleted by mistake. 1,222 more words

Golden Gate

OEM Blackout Nags

Targets are routinely blacked out for patching and upgrades.  Most of those blackouts are either of a limited duration or the DBA stops the blackout when they’re done messing with the target. 187 more words

OEM 12c