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How the NBA Names a "Coach of the Year"

As many of us have heard, Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs was named the 2013-14 NBA Coach of the Year.  This is the 3rd time he’s accomplished the feat – joining Don Nelson and Pat Riley as the only coaches to do so.   466 more words

What are the chances? (12 photos)

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The color of music

The question being asked is “what is the color of music?” Honestly though, there really isn’t a color to music. Sure you can attempt to label different literal colors to emotions and then place each color into a category of a song based on the general feel given to the listener by the lyrics and tonal patterns of the song, but in reality, music has a completely different spectrum of color all its own. 199 more words

The Unmapped Space

Many people talk about how much there is to explore in outer space. More people say that there is even greater mysteries to discover in the oceans. 198 more words

The Property Of.... Greg Rogrove And Diana Garcia

I am on official maternity depart now, soon after 4 weeks of sick depart for ongoing nerve troubles in my foot…. ouch! In this time just before my minor dude arrives I have discovered myself significantly less and much less mobile due to the ache, and I am… 17 more words