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Game Of Thrones

I’ve never seen an episode of this show, nor read the books; I’ve only read a few articles and blurbs, and seen lots of pictures. Nevertheless, I have my interpretation of the show so far and hopes for its future. 77 more words


So I was listening to one of my favorite bands this very morning, The Sound of Animals Fighting, and seeing how their lyrics are quite difficult to make out on some tracks, I began to hear my own words come as I was listening to a track. 254 more words

General Writing


Salve a tutti mi chiamo Sandro , nome in game SvN . Ho creato questo blog per cercare di approfondire meglio le varie dinamiche dei vari personaggi di league of legends . 22 more words


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You and your antics

Oblivious to my non-apparent, confused attraction that
No one’s going to know about, except God maybe.

Quite surprisingly, I felt that when… 58 more words

Jibber Jabber

idea of science

if you can control the mind

than you can control the way and the wave

and all things which are

set and given

watch the many ways… 60 more words