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Just a heads up, the title is to be read as ‘of sanpellegrino, water and 462′ which is a combination of the title and the category ‘of….’ 488 more words


Mega Ultra Blast Cast Ep.28 - Gamescom News and So Much More

After a bit of a break, the Mega Ultra Blast Cast returns with a veritable mountain of news to talk about! Gamescom news alone provides nearly half an hour of juicy discussion, and there’s also those crazy Nintendo announcements to talk about (Most of them, anyway – the “New 3DS” news dropped a couple of hours after we finished recording). 139 more words


Seerah Series: Part 1 | Specialties of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) |


The most common names of the Prophet ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam and the two that the Qurʾān explicitly mentions, the Qurʾān mentions many adjectives, But in terms of proper nouns, or in terms of nouns, there are two names that are mentioned, and these names are Muhammad and Ahmad. 5,581 more words


Al-'Afuww: The Pardoning

Verses from the Quran:

“That . And whoever responds with the equivalent of that which he was harmed and then is tyrannised – Allah will surely aid him. 189 more words


size of ego

what is a egg

and how does it allow

to be broken and how it is shaped

and how it feels

and what it seems… 51 more words