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In my life, I strongly dislike two things: working and having roommates. I’ve long believed I could escape both with my limited means by combining a cheap residence with seasonal work. 486 more words

Off-grid solar pump

Here’s a walkthrough of a functioning off-grid solar pump which has been in operation for 22 years, just south of Gainesville in Florida.


Welcome to Guludo - our new Tribewanted home in Mozambique

At Tribewanted, we’ve been working with the founders & owners of Guludo, Amy & Neal Carter-James, and we’re very excited to announce that together we are now opening up this wonderful lodge & community to our members.  96 more words

Thankfull for a Flood (sort of)

A little bit of warmth today and predicted for tomorrow has given us a bit of a lift. The first 8’ x 12’ building is gridlocked until it can be moved outside, and before that happens, I need to move the Outhouse/ Generator Shack to a spot on the west side of the workshop still occupied by a snow bank. 105 more words


Things that make you go, "Hmm..."

While attempting to find 1item in Lowe’s (never an easy task, I assure you) today on my way home from work, I met a nice guy from the plumbing department who was quite interested in our tiny house project after I told him I wanted to do a quick price check on Pex while I was there. 276 more words

Overwhelming Positive Networking!

Thank YOU!

Since launching this blog and beginning research on the construction of an eco-friendly home, an unforeseen positive benefit has emerged.  I was not planning on being overwhelmed with such a positive social network of trailblazers and pioneers!  636 more words

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