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Too Early for an Off-The-Grid Rant?

I know. I know it’s pretty early to post a “rant”. Considering where we are in our going off-the-grid journey – I think you may understand. 452 more words

Off Grid

Vice Magazine 'Munchies' Interview

I’ve just done an interview with David Whelan of Vice Magazine for their Munchies section. The article turned out pretty positively:


Preppers Taught Me How to Eat When the World Ends

Pine Tar!!

I recently discovered a YouTube channel called logcabinlooms. This guy is very talented and entertaining, and he uses pine tar and linseed oil as a finish on all sorts of stuff. 356 more words

POST #023: Off-grid is a verb because I say it's a verb

Somebody said to me yesterday, “Hey, you forgot the verb in ‘go off-grid;’ you just said ‘off-grid.'”

I said, “I was using off-grid as a verb.” 144 more words

POST #021: Ms. 3,000-watt appliance, meet Mr. 3,000-lb battery

Consider this Part 2 of the below post on major appliances. This stuff is easier to digest when it’s broken up a bit.

Going off the grid is an awesome concept and a lot more people are going to start doing it, because the costs and benefits are really starting to even out. 169 more words

Fight to save Grow Heathrow

Transition Heathrow, which in 2010 set up the Grow Heathrow community garden on the site of a proposed third runway for the major airport, has been served an eviction notice for Friday, 15th August at 8.00am. 287 more words


Just finished splicing the anchor rope (warp) onto the chain.
I cheated though.
After spending all morning trying to tie one a neat one from memory (waste basket is now full of cut ends) I gave in. 282 more words