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What is a conditioned response

A conditioned response, is the learned response to the previously neutral stimulus. A neutral stimulus is something that has no effect on your dog until paired with an unconditioned stimulus. 307 more words


Angell Woods

You are saying you would like to find a place on the island where you feel like you are in total nature, away from civilization, and where you can bring your dog and have him walk off-leash? 235 more words


Summit Park

Summit Park is located on one of the three peaks that make up the Mount Royal. The place was owned by McGill University in the 19th century and the institution transformed it in a botanical garden in the early 20th century, before selling the land to the city of Westmount. 154 more words


Dog Parks / Dog Runs

Montreal holds several “dog parks.” These places are surrounded with a fence and are the only public places on the island of Montreal where it is allowed to let your dog off-leash. 177 more words


Free to be Me: Off Leash in Wilmington, NC

Sometimes I fink were never going to get there. We dwive and dwive and dwive. My mom loves to find places where I can run FREEEEE!  376 more words

Lucky Dog Upcycle

Carmel, CA has the best off-leash dog beach!

This post is a little late – too many good times had over the holidays to focus on any updates. One of those good times – Carmel, CA – the day after Christmas. 508 more words

A trip to the dog park

I found a news story today, from Aug. 22, 2014 about the Waggin’ Trail Park, but it wasn’t until about a week ago that I personally discovered the park and it wasn’t until New Year’s Day that we actually took our dog Rocky to try the park out. 826 more words