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To Leash or Not to Leash: Risk vs. Reward

When I see an off-leash dog walking next to her owner, I think, “Wow, I would never do that – that is so risky.” When I an off-leash dog sprinting towards me and my dogs while her owner A) is totally oblivious or B) trailing along yards and yards behind the dog, vainly yelling the dog’s name, I think, “I’m going to kick this dog in the face with an almighty passion if he tries to bite me or my dogs.” I love and respect dogs so I don’t particularly enjoy contemplating physical violence against a dog, especially when this situation is so easy preventable. 554 more words


Sara's Freedom Dog Park

The idea of Sara’s Freedom Dog Park is to create a dog park in the Town of Cochrane that is an safe off-leash area for dogs to play. 677 more words


Crete-area bark park only months away

by Dennis Sullivan
Nov. 17, 2014

A new dog park should open approximately 3½ miles east-southeast of downtown Crete in 2016, according to the Will County Forest Preserve District’s operations director. 453 more words

Burville Road

Crux Fermentation Project Beer at The Yeasty Beasty!

We are very excited to announce that CRUX FERMENTATION PROJECT beer is coming soon ON DRAFT to The Yeasty Beasty!!!!

Started in June of 2012 by brewmaster Larry Sidor and co-founder Paul Evers, Crux Fermentation Project has gained recognition for its artisanal beers that encompass both traditional and experimental styles.  120 more words

Westridge Canyonback Park

Unlike the rest of the country, best time to hike is just starting in southern California. This hike starts from Mandeville Canyon Park in Pacific Palisades then leads you to Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park. 252 more words

Hiking Trail

To non-believers of leashes

Dear non-believers of leashes on dogs:

I know you love your dog, and I am sure your furry friend loves to accompany you in public on walks to the store, through the park, on hiking trails, and around the neighborhood. 484 more words

Monday morning fun! Dog Wellness! Why off leash runs should be done every day?


Deciding on whether to go to the dog park before or after work can be a difficult decision.Yet, there’s no doubt about it,regular off leash trips to the dog park, woods or even hitting the hiking trails with your furry best friend is no longer considered a luxury today. 90 more words

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