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Safety In Off-Road Vehicles

Safety is always on the mind of the serious off-roader. Roll cages, five point harness seats, and engine kill switches are some of the major precautions placed in vehicles to keep the driver safe. 203 more words

Stuck With the One You Love

Last week was beautiful!  The weather was sunny, the temperature was near 70, the day was what we’ve all been waiting for… spring.  Since it was our date day and everything seemed perfect, Jay and I decided to take the dogs for a walk to tire them out a little and then we went to Wharton State Forest in New Jersey to do a little off roading in the jeep.   880 more words


Whistle while you work.

Today we got our hands on the Whistle Huron 1481D. This is the full spec’d out big brother to the 1482D and 1483D   At a glance, its a pretty good hardtail MTB. 502 more words

Getting Ready for Off Roading

Here is a great Read


4-Wheel Trail Driving Tips

Text & Photos by Len Wilcox

Taking a Sport Utility Vehicle off-highway can be a tremendous adventure — but it can also be a tremendous disaster, unless you first take the time to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the trail. 1,577 more words

Hump Day Classic Space Special

The Elves have been pretty useless at finding Lego cars this week. We’ve had planes, trucks and ships so we might as well complete the set and throw in some sci-fi too. 85 more words


Land-Rover Bonnet 2014 Hadir dengan Discovery Vision Technology Concept (Konsep Teknologi "Tembus Pandang")

Pernah mengendarai mobil? Pernah bermanuver di tanjakan yang “ciluk-baa”? Dimana pandangan driver seperti ke langit. Lalu kamu berhasil? Jika kamu bisa menyelesaikan rintangan itu berarti kamu punya feeling yang sangat kuat dengan mobil tersebut. 246 more words