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OFF THE CUFF: Paying attention to fall

Based on the forecast, I suspect the sun might be shining by the time most people read this.

But twice today (once early in the morning at home and again at about 10:30 a.m. 836 more words

Doug's Column

Growing Old Gracefully!

Our theme on Tuesday looked at the idea of age and grace! We had 2 speakers. Anne spoke first on the idea of growing old disgracefully, looking at different characters who were remembered for their feisty attitude to life! 244 more words


August Postcard Poetry Fest

One aspect of August I love is writing a poem ‘off the cuff’ everyday for thirty one days. The poems are then sent to other ‘August Postcard Poetry Fest’ participants around the world. 1,220 more words


How to deal with creative blocks (and bleaky lurkers)

Sometimes, it is hard to feel liberated, especially when your primary output is creative. Silly, isn’t it, especially when we pause to consider that the basic need to be creative is one of freedom and opinion. 472 more words


Defeat Voldemort, keep the Potter in you alive

The greatest villains in history are as famous as the heroes. Every person in this world who has either read or watched the Harry Potter… 935 more words

Gulf News

Screaming Suit Jacket

Day in, and day out I see tragedies happening and guys don’t even know it.  The average businessman, wakes up, puts on his  over dry cleaned shirt with extra starch, then his suit or blazer and trousers.   130 more words


Sometimes, it's better our children get bored!

Bored kids should taste the joy of quiet

This summer break has been quite an eye opener for more than one reason. For one, I actually know for a fact that, the problem of plenty exists. 630 more words

Gulf News