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Mottos I Try To Live By

Just a few words of wisdom I’ve picked up over the years. Some I’ve made up and some I’ve appropriated from others.

1) Good enough never leads to great. 172 more words


44 Facts about Rylie Dalthrys

This post is inspired by a post the Optimistic Kid put out.

His post was 67 facts about the O.K. I don’t know if I can top 67 but we’ll see. 783 more words


Orion Launch - WOooOoo HoooOOo

Yes, I cried when it launched.

So excited for the team who built it and excited for the team who will eventually fly in it. 94 more words


Orion Launch

I had high hopes in being able to put up an excited post about the Orion capsule going up and coming back down. But alas, instead you’re getting a frustrated rant. 597 more words


OFF THE CUFF: Looking down from a flying sports car

Experiences come and experiences go, but some leave a more lasting impression than others.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of enjoying a flight in a small two-seater airplane. 829 more words

Doug's Column

Hidden Bullies

Often when we meet someone for the first time, most of us prefer to think the best of them. They seem pleasant enough, not immediately over-bearing and possibly easy to get along with, like the rest of humanity. 505 more words


Opposing Sides

At our last session, we had a go at debating!  Alice organised the evening and started off by explaining how the session would work.  She split the group into 2 teams who each had to nominate 3 speakers.  190 more words