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Fell off he Wagon

Yep, I did it. I fell off the Metabolism Miracle wagon!

The wonderful thing about MM is the ability to hop right back on and see/feel results. 112 more words

Cleansing and Cocktails

This week I’ve embarked on a 5-day cleanse. It’s actually not that dramatic. No liquid meals or starvation. No sludgy shakes. Just wholesome, portion controlled, super healthy meals and snacks. 591 more words

The Daily

Week 33 - This Girl Is On Fire!

Ok, so I took a “break” after my last cleanse and I have to say that taking a break is never a good idea.  Now, before everyone gets all “you need to indulge” or “that won’t hurt you once in a while” and you would be right. 494 more words


What a life it is
A life indeed.
You see the morning sun
In its true colors,
You hear the crows
With their orchestra of… 178 more words