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On reading books

I remember now why I don’t read books any more.

I used to read them all the time. Up a tree, in a fort, in my bed with a torch, under my desk, in the loo at a boring party, in the arches waiting for a program to compile, on the train to work, making an excuse and reading instead of going on that blind date. 290 more words


America Without BS II: The Revenge of Bullshit

Apparently the American conservative press has developed a unique new method of lying. Basically you use misleading headlines and all the distortion you can cram into the story, but at some point you put the truth in there, in spite of the fact that it easily refutes the story’s thesis. 610 more words


Homeless Man Plays Piano Beautifully!

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Is he incredible or what!  — Amazing talent indeed! Click the link to see a second version of this video. 36 more words


In other news

Hello my fellow readers, visitors and followers I Najee aka a bunch of other nicknames am happy to announce that I am not a catfish. Yes, I know shocking isn’t it? 595 more words

The Ships

Unpopular Opinion: "Friend-Zoning"

I just read a few entries in the Dr. Nerdlove column on Kotaku that got me thinking.  While I agree for the most part that it is often the person being zoned that needs to change their approach, I think I can offer a somewhat unique perspective.   2,255 more words


Advisory: Ebola #scams spread faster than actual disease in panic-stricken U.S.

First published on the Avast Blog on October 17, 2014

Cybercrooks use popular stories in the news to deceive people into giving up confidential information. 245 more words


Off Topic: Larry Larry Unsanitary

This is a blog about psychological assessment. However, just for fun, I am posting a short children’s story I wrote a while back.

The text version is here.

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