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I had my fears until I went solo.

Goa… Solo! The thought of it made my friends wonder if I am fine. Who goes to a party place alone, was the only response I got. 482 more words


10 Most Offbeat Travel Getaways in South Asia for 2015

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Adventure Stories

McCluskieganj – A story lost in time

The British India saw rise of many unknown places and cities that they converted into their personal summer destinations to settle away from the crowd and in search for pleasant weather. 400 more words


Chasing Monsoon in Bokaro – A photo Essay

Like every place in Jharkhand I went to chase the monsoon, Bokaro presented me with an endless trail of greenery around me. The outer parts of Bokaro and the path that leads to the city is mountainous and the clouds hover above them ready to rain anytime. 241 more words


Alberta's UFO Landing Pad

Can’t find a decent place to land your spaceship? Look no further than St. Paul, Alberta.

UFO landing pad in St. Paul, Alberta. Built in 1967 as a landmark for the small town, the landing pad also has an adjoining tourist information centre which houses a UFO exhibit, including photos of crop circles and UFO sightings.

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