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Keep Scrolling.

It saddens me, and pisses me off to be quite honest, when people are hesitant to post things online for fear of offending someone or being called a hypocrite or judgmental or racist or whatever else they may be called because they happen to be human, because they have the audacity to think for themselves. 411 more words


Goes to Show How Much They Know

It amazes me how insensitive and oblivious some people are, even family. Earlier I get the following message on my facebook from my sister:

“I know it may seem wasted sometimes, but you are not married & are not tied down with children or caring for a sick or aging parent. 463 more words

An Intimate Letter to Bård Ylvisåker

Dear Bård,

I am not a typical fan… or another nameless face in the crowd.

I am your guardian, your defender, your advocate.

At times, I let my emotions get the better of me while I defend your honor. 1,262 more words

Bård Ylvisåker

Daryl Morey Keeps It Real, Offends Chandler Parsons

Most hardcore NBA fans know about Daryl Morey. The Rockets GM who is obsessed with advanced stats, who makes front office decisions like a fantasy football owner. 636 more words

Token White Baller

What Liberals Need To Understand About Being “Offended” | The Navigator Online

This is something the liberals really need to come to grips with. Unfortunately, a lot of ‘em are elitists that will be absolutely stunned to see the real truth. 16 more words



I don’t think people are born being offended.

I think we were taught that by the world around us.

Maybe being offended by so very many different things isn’t such a great way to live. 124 more words

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