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I Kept Calm, But I Was Definitely Offended

After reading Deanna M. Boudov‘s article, “The Narcissism of Preaching”, I posted the message below to my good friend and fellow EXCOMM (Yes, we’ve already started referring to… 249 more words


Politics and Image - Labour's Emily Thornberry

I woke up today to realise that perhaps politics is not all politics after all, fine I didn’t only just realise that but it’ll do as an opening. 462 more words


Offensive Content... Warning!

We live in a culture today who carries their chip definitively on their shoulder waiting for someone to offend the ego. Offending someone is sooo easy, why? 233 more words


No Offense

You may have noticed that my blog frequency has decreased. I could simply say that I’ve been busy and leave it at that, but that would only be somewhat true, and wouldn’t really address the problem I’m having, so here’s a go at total honesty. 860 more words


A Letter To The Offended Parents

Dear Offended Parent,

Deciding to not have children was easy for me, internally. Externally, I always felt like I was the odd duck. The peculiar girl who has no desire to have children. 2,045 more words

Planet Fitness Kicks Out Man From Gym Twice for Wearing “Offensive” Pro-Life T-Shirt

by Steven Ertelt | Orlando, FL | LifeNews.com | 11/18/14

URL of Original Posting Site: http://www.lifenews.com/2014/11/18/planet-fitness-kicks-out-man-from-gym-twice-for-wearing-offensive-pro-life-t-shirt/

A pro-life man in Florida says he was kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym not once but twice simply for wearing a pro-life t-shirt. 713 more words


Have I Truly Forgiven?

For if you forgive people their trespasses , your heavenly Father will also forgive you.   Matthew 6:14-15 (AMP)

 I would first like to say, I know from experience that forgiveness is a process. 463 more words