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SoCS: Excuse To Be A Douche

You know what I hate?

When people think saying ‘no offense’ gets them an automatic get out of jail free card on saying something awful. That ‘no offense’ means nothing to me that’s just wasted words coming out of your douche mouth, need to get a soup bucket and clean up the crap you just blurted out. 203 more words


offended much?

watch how you react in uncomfortable settings or when uncomfortable subjects are brought up…do you get defensive, offended, do you deflect or flee…your reactions to challenging moments and subjects speaks to your maturity and willingness to grow or your immaturity and fear of growth

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Not “Happy Holidays”.

It may make sense for the Post Office to print “Happy Holidays” on stamps, but it’s Merry Christmas for me because that’s my tradition. 145 more words

Life In Balance

"When The Wind Blows, A Matter of Perspective"

Last night for mutual we went over to my aunt Kathy’s house for mutual (she’s also the young women’s president) and had a Young women’s Christmas party. 408 more words

Thomas S Monson

Lawmaker Angered Over PSU Chief's Hands-Up Gesture

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) – A state lawmaker is demanding that Penn State University’s president apologize for making the “hands up” gesture associated with nationwide protests over the killing of a black Missouri teenager by a white police officer. 191 more words


Microaggressions: And?

So it has become popular in the West these days to become very offended, even self-righteously indignant about what used to be called insensitive comments, though in many cases the offense is taken at what is essentially nothing at all. 1,212 more words

Feminism And Activism