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Let's Talk About It: Aaron McGruder's Black Jesus

Hey People!

Let’s have a conversation, shall we?

On August 7, Aaron McGruder (the creator of the Boondocks) will premiere his new show Black Jesus. From viewing the trailer, the show portrays Jesus as a cursing, drinking and lack of a better term, overall ratchet man from Galilee. 537 more words


Offensive Speech.

Is it alright to be offended? Absolutely. Then is it okay to be offensive? Now what do I mean by okay in that sentence? Do I mean it is a positive act, or do I simply mean you should come to no harm for saying things others take offense to? 377 more words

Israel Continues Offensive on Gaza Stopped For 12 Hours

Israel and Hamas said they would observe the temporary ceasefire. GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories: A 12-hour cease-fire took effect on Saturday, the 19th

Israel Continues Read More


If you can't say something nice...

Everybody has the right to have an opinion.

I loved this bit of this classic Disney movie because it speaks some truth. You can have your opinion too. 111 more words

Friday Projects

In regards to cat calling

Friend: When guys cat call me, my first impulse is to throw up the middle finger. But then I think, that’s just what they want. So I started confronting them with my humanity.

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