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Life Poured Out vii

John 19:38-42  (CEV)

Jesus Is Buried

38 Joseph from Arimathea was one of Jesus’ disciples. He had kept it secret though, because he was afraid of the Jewish leaders. 173 more words


First Fruits

First Fruits is a set-apart day unto Yahuah that most people forget about.  It is a wave offering that only the High Priest/Kohen can offer on the third day of Unleavened Bread.   65 more words


Offering to the Cat Kingdom

SCORE: A seafood dinner and the sound of purring

Digital Art


Nothing but empty pockets
Outstretched empty hands
Nothing to hang on to
As I travel this barren land


Buying Back Our Offering

At the very end of the book of Leviticus, we have a series of regulations that—at first glance—seem to be of a different nature from those in the rest of the book. 485 more words

Offering Essays


When your current customers see themselves in your brand then other similar potential customers will use your brand as a mirror.What does your brand reflect?Make sure you tailor make your brand personality because this will attract more people over time.A good example Is a Mercedes Benz,everybody knows it is a good quality ,prestigious car.You don’t have to see an advertisement to know that,It is a fact mirrored again and again and future Benz owners want it because of what it reflects;prestige and success.They don’t have to try so hard the car speaks for itself.Ask yourself today what does your brand reflect?do your customers like what they see in the mirror?How can you tailor make your brand to attract similar target groups?

Hr, Hr

These past few weeks I’ve felt this urge to give. Give my time, give a hand, give a possession. When I walk home from work I tell myself to look into volunteering at Mt. 979 more words