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Loki day 28... Oh Shit, what happened to July?

So… Well… Umm, huh… I seem to have misplaced my month of July, has anyone got a spare? No, alright then…

This month seems to have been munched quite thoroughly by my back injury, the recovery time, starting PT (which is a bitch to motivate myself to do, especially with how much it hurts, but I make myself do it anyways.); and during my moments of being relatively pain-free, cleaning, cooking, and fine-tuning my collection oracle (which was started about a year ago, if I’m not mistaken). 290 more words


belief will support you

This is a story that I have told myself so many times. You always said it didn’t happen like this; but I don’t remember you giving a different account.


children's stories

How are you doing Emi? Your papa’s in Japan now, but he’s thinking about you every day. Of course, we see each other on Skype, and I talk to you and you gurgle and coo back in response. 1,333 more words


Offering For Lugh

I wanted to make an offering for Lugh that reflected his association with lightning as well as the seasonal association with grain. The lightning aspect was important to me because the lore shows him as a champion of justice. 48 more words


Upcoming fun!

Lots of fun activity is coming in August!   Verena Giebels will present  “Family Constellations” on the 6th, Deborah will host our guided meditation on Friday the 8th and her subject will be Meditating on the Four Fold Way.  52 more words

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Penance and Offerings

36th Day of Ripening Season, 342 years after Mourning

The larders are haunted. Spirits, they say, and wraiths! The children here do not need lessons on death; they are familiar with that journey. 1,000 more words