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Your Goddess

I’ll be your goddess,
but I’m not gonna wait on you.
I’ll be your goddess,
and I’ll hold my breath so you can swim… 101 more words

Chirbit - Tithes and Offerings - 2Bless - share audio easily

Why is there so much controversy concerning “Tithing and Offerings?”

People say “do I  have to tithe and do offerings? Tithing and offerings was only for the Old Testament. 39 more words


A Remarkable Gift

How do you make Jesus take notice of your offerings?  Give from the heart and not from your wallet.  Give with an attitude of gratitude and not begrudgingly.   365 more words

It's just the way things work

Yesterday I decided to do some decent cooking for the first time in a couple of weeks. I had everything I needed to make a quick ‘n’ dirty version of seafood au gratin with that frozen imitation crab stuff and a proper beef stew. 512 more words

Current Practice


little children’s bones

littering the battlefield—

offerings profane


According to Loki, other Norse deities who like me include Thor (Thor sometimes visits me with Loki, who confirmed the former likes me way back when I started using the pendulum), Freyr (Loki said Freyr and I would “ 172 more words

Reading the Air: Butsudan

It is early morning, long before dawn. The energy which is clasped between heaven and earth is at its peak immediately before the sun comes up. 648 more words