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Reader survey: in what small way are you weird?

Lots of us are weird in big, noticeable ways, that’s for sure.  But I was looking the other day at a series of photographs of people’s fridges and I realized, you know what’s weird about me?   169 more words



This week’s Aunt Pythia column features Cathy O’Neil’s take on what questions online daters ought to have to answer in their profiles:

How sexual are you?

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Jordan and the Dream of Rogen

The other night I dreamed I was going into a coffeeshop and Seth Rogen was sitting at an outside table eating a salad.  He was wearing a jeans jacket and his skin was sort of bad.   78 more words


Puzzle: low-height points in general position

I have no direct reason to need the answer to, but have wondered about, the following question.

We say a set of points in are in general position if the Hilbert function of any subset S of the points is equal to the Hilbert function of a generic set of points in .   90 more words


angel glass

the crying

it so

is also
the frayed

who stole

a vacuum
that broke



the crying

the fags
in your faggot

Math Bracket 2014

It’s that time of year again!  Presenting the 2014 math bracket.  School with the best math department wins every game.  As always, all rulings were made by a group, so don’t yell at me if your department loses to one you consider worse.   26 more words


The Hobo News

One day my husband, David, came home with The Hobo News.  In return for the dollar he had given to a panhandler on the street, he received a hand-folded, stapled leaflet. 394 more words