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The Best Filing Techniques for People Who Don't Like Filing

Not a lot of people like filing. It’s one of those jobs that is just kind of annoying. But if you don’t do it, then you pay for it later when you need an important document. 265 more words


[Lifehack] - Hanging your coat on your office chair

If you have an office chair with wheels like mine, and work in a cubicle without spaces for hooks and the likes, you might find this Lifehack useful. 216 more words


How to Cut the Clutter at Work

Are you messy at work? You may not realize it, but your mess is likely affecting your work and efficiency. If you can’t find files because they are buried in piles then you aren’t working, you’re searching. 180 more words


Changing career path...

Making a big career change is never easy, especially if you’ve got kids to support, a mortgage to pay, and a car to worry about. People will tell you you’ve got it great where you are and that the grass is always greener on the other side. 1,591 more words


Back to Work at last well enough!

Made it, yes…. I cannot take another day of being ill.. ¬†Never have I been so pleased when my trusty alarm clock went off at 5:30am I was dancing round the room. ¬† 419 more words


How to stay organized in an open plan office

I live in a government town. Many of the civil service departments are moving to what the government calls Office 2.0….in other words, open plan offices. 440 more words