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Hey, My Weekend was Great. Thanks for Asking.

Hey, thanks for asking how my weekend was. I appreciate you thinking of me on a Monday morning when we’re all desperately crowding around the coffee like bison around a watering hole in a dusty, dry summer. 490 more words


Work = HELL

Wow, haven’t post anything related to work for a long time. More like ranting about work. It has been 7 months already with my new position. 106 more words

Office Drama

7 Ways to Deal with Office Drama

Everyone knows the drama kings/queens in the office. They’re the ones you dance around. “Don’t upset Barry.”

Drama queens go to the boss rather than colleagues to voice complaints. 223 more words


How To: Handle Coworker Drama

  • Don’t gossip. The best way to handle coworker drama is to prevent it altogether. Stay on friendly terms with all of your coworkers, if possible. Resist the urge to badmouth a coworker, no matter how awful he or she might be.
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