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Hey, Boss: Fuck Your Workflow

                 The following story is based on actual events, and all persons names have been changed for safety and personal reasons .–Josh J.

Today we are going to talk business, well more or less employee, manager and owner relationships. 1,169 more words


Oh No, That's What Happened!

When I was 19 I went on a road trip out West with a friend. Before we left my family insisted I stop and see a second cousin who had moved to California. 742 more words

Bitch Face, Sour Face, and Robot - Post #2

Hi again! So – what do you get if you take 3 bff bitches, one busy business, and a bipolar-depressed-anxiety-stricken-attention-whore over-achiever (moi)?
Apparently, a high turnover HR can’t fully explain. 214 more words

That was yesterday's update.

…I fell asleep typing yesterday’s update. I had to very quickly write the last few lines and post it. It was meant to be longer and less “anti slug” so I apologise for that. 507 more words