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Ask the Professor: Meeting your Professor Motivates you to Study

Dear Professor Miller:

In your latest blog post you said, “Meet with your professor outside of class.  Go to her office.” Why?  Will socializing with my professor possibly improve my grade?

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What Not to Say to a Professor in Office Hours

Professors can be intimidating. Talking with professors in office hours one-on-one without other students around or a homework assignment to talk about can be even scarier. 900 more words

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Workplace schizophrenia, a.k.a. splitting personalities for work?

C’mon, we’ve all done it. We have to. Especially when your creative personality collides with a sterile business atmosphere. You wear your business persona like an outfit, where even your mimic is toned down and cut to fit the certain needs of your fake environment. 440 more words

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7 practical ways to be productive in your church office

I got an email from a buddy who just got a new youth pastor job. He asked a simple question. “I’m wondering if you have any nuggets of wisdom with how to be productive in a church office environment?” I sat down and rattled off a bunch of things that I do. 1,808 more words

Ordering Your Private World

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The seventh week of classes is almost over and I have learned A LOT about teaching and my students over the past few weeks.  Teaching has been going well overall, but there have been things that are especially frustrating.   627 more words

Why 8 hours working day doesn't work for a virtual worker?

Background explanation: I work mostly as a virtual asset, all goes online, except some meetings I need to attend in person. My working day on regular basis start around 7 am, simply because I like to answer all of the ‘existing’ emails before the people get to their offices. 569 more words

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Announcements for 10/14

1.  My office hours for Wednesday, October 15, are canceled.  I will hold substitute office hours on Monday, October 20, from 1-3.  I will be checking my email over break, so also feel free to email with any questions you might have. 139 more words