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Kelly Clarkson is my power animal at Tatu is my jam

I didn’t do anything particularly productive at work today. I tried to find a song to post here, but I forget that half of everything I listen to is some sort of love / angst I don’t even know. 233 more words

Office Work

Feeling Important Is A Powerful Drug

Notifications generally hitting my inbox are not always attended. It is not always possible in fact to get though each one (at times). and there I see a recommendation by LinkedIn that should be a good read. 1,468 more words

The Perfect Hire

Trees blow, sun shines, I wait for the hours to pass.

“As far as I tell,
It doesn’t matter who you are,
If you can’t believe
In something worth fighting for.”
Garbage – “Parade”

It’s a– the thing. 142 more words

Office Work

I forgot to add a title.

“And you take what you need,
And you don’t need me.
I’ll give you one more chance
To say we can change our old ways.”
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Office Work

Suddenly Sunnily Working Worriedly

“I had a dream last night
‘Cause it looked just like a dream.
I had a dream last night,
But it looked unlike a dream.”
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Office Work

Walk Away - Didn't Need To Come To Work

“Fantastic the panic that showed in his eyes.
He shrugged when I asked him about it.
He said, ‘young man, pay heed; you listen well to what I say. 225 more words

Office Work

Overcast Work Day - Who We Are

“It’s cold again, it looks like rain.
A procession of humanity, strikingly simian
Saunters by; I can’t explain
Why it’s troubling to see them so.”
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Office Work