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Temporal Demonic Electric Revenue

Like most healthy artists who got off on the wrong foot early in their lives, I hate my job. It’s not my fault. I was born this way. 1,151 more words


Another Day at the Office

Another day at the office. Get in, work on timeline. Edit points, add points, categorize points. The exhilaration of excel spreadsheets. Kale chips and phone calls. 148 more words

How To Leave Work At 5 P.M. And Still Get Everything Done

It’s a pattern with which most full-time professionals are familiar–you’re spending increasing amounts of time at your desk, but it feels like you’re getting less done. 674 more words

Strategic Management

Week 11

I was introduced to the world of Videoscribe animation this week. Nick showed me how to utilise the software to create effective animated illustrations. The software has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use but also very effective.  242 more words


Piece of Shit Copy Machine Unites Feuding Co-Workers

Coquitlam, British Columbia

In an unprecedented and touching bit of solidarity, feuding co-workers Janet Warner and Rob McKenzie of Industrial Freight and Tackle bonded today over their mutual hatred of the company’s one and only copy machine, a 13-year old… 618 more words


Listening to what I want instead of what others think I should want

Back in 2010, I applied for the JET Program and was granted an interview; however I declined it because I decided to take another job in order to obtain some idea of financial stability and what I thought would lead to a career. 613 more words


Step away from the keyboard

So much for the romanticised pain of the writer’s craft, grappling with wild internal passions in a bohemian loft apartment. The real pain of the writer’s craft comes in your shoulders. 292 more words