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Archway Project
The Archway project operates across a range of houses and flats in Brighton and Hove. It provides both Residential care home and Supported housing services to vulnerable adults with mental health support needs. 314 more words


Ward Work and other odd jobs

While ward work may not be as exciting as watching surgery, it’s still a great learning experience. You get to see patients come and go, work hard at chores, and really experience the place that keeps a hospital running smoothly. 312 more words


I Wasn't Even Trying To Be Funny ... !

- 3 -

if I had the balls to say 

” … hey, i’ve gotta go, i left my car 

running … “

i’d probably be just as  285 more words

The Descendents' "This Place" Because Office Slavery Sucks

I couldn’t help myself. After listening to the song I was also going to write about in my previous post I decided that I might as well write a blog post about it now. 1,132 more words


Maybe I am where I am suppose to be

12 months.
2080 hours….give or take.
14000 miles of commuting…..give or take.
1,000’s of emails sent and received.

My “Frustration Amnesia” is very convenient. How easily I forgot the past where things didn’t go exactly to my masterpiece of a script that didn’t exist in the real world and that nobody had access to. 215 more words


In light of the implied complaints about my job in yesterday’s post, today I will write a little bit about what I have experienced during my time as a paper-pusher. 150 more words