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Update from work. #46

Sketching at work can be tricky. Don’t think I don’t actually work!

I was just rendering stuff in the background so I had some free time. ;p


For the past two and a half weeks

I’ve spent “working” at my current office as a student intern (“sitting” is more adequate a summary of my existence there), through no deliberate plot or effort, but inadvertently appearing so, I have not once had the luck and fortune to lunch with the other students (of which there are enough to form a small cluster or flock). 953 more words

Plodding And Sordid Crowds

How to lose your staff.

I have taken part in the hiring process of over 20 direct reports and from that list about a 10 remain still in my team. I have still not fired anyone since I don’t have the authority even though I felt like doing so. 189 more words


Ordinary Man 1

Ready for another day in cube world?

BackJoy Posture+ Back Ortho Seat Review

I didn’t think much of this thing when it came in the mail. It’s just a piece of plastic. There are a lot of office products out there that say they will improve your posture and make you more comfortable. 94 more words



Watchet by skclaire

History lesson! With Latin, French, and Middle English roots, “watchet” is certainly not a word we hear often. Originally known as a blueberry, this soft pastel was used in the sixteenth century to describe the color we now know as ‘robin’s egg’. 95 more words