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French Nye's and Ham Sandwiches


I watched this last night, and both dudes made solid points, but, listening to Mr. Nye made science sound really cool, interesting, and VITAL for all humans who live on Earth. 129 more words


Tell Me, What is [insert deity here]?

Frank: “Well, you seem so passionate about this topic, everyday it is the SAME THING. So tell me, what is this “DEITY” you speak of?” 116 more words


4,000 Years Ago

I watched the link you sent me, and I must say, that Nye and Ham’s debate left me with a few questions that I have never thought before, in relation to looking and viewing our planet as a whole. 106 more words


Company Ride Along

Notes for Company Ride Along’s:

1. When you are entering into an establishment to offer any kind of consulting about productive and positive ways for this business owner to save money, and they refuse, in ANY kind of manner, smile, say “thank you for your time”, and proceed to leave in the direction that you entered. 172 more words


Beauty In The Workplace

Hello!  Today’s post is by request!  A few of you have asked for some tips or do’s and don’ts for women at the office.  I am excited to chat with you today about how you can put a fresh professional look together no matter where you work.   46 more words


Awesome Daily #110: Singing & dancing when you are by yourself

So your boss left early, your office room is completely empty and you are kind of in a good mood – but still stuck at work… What do you do? 101 more words

Awesome Daily

A special outfit for a special occasion...

Hey! It’s been such beautiful weather in the UK this week (we are definitely experiencing summer) and I’ve had a pretty relaxing week so far! This post is reflecting back on my birthday outfit as I really loved what I wore so wanted to share it with you guys! 206 more words