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Thoughts on yawning

Like our simian predecessors, we’re suckers for the power of the yawn. Whether you hear the distinctive siiiiggggh, see the dangle of your colleague’s tonsils, or, most unfortunately, smell the stale whiff of a telltale yawn – within seconds, you too will be joining in the yawn party. 127 more words


Tone Tiles™ - New! More Square Feet! Same Great Price!

That’s right!  The Tone Tile™ line of products is expanding (literally.)  We have added a new Size to the line of Paintable/Printable Tone Tiles™ – the New 2′ x 3’!   239 more words


Cycle 2 Day 15: Office Wars

Stale air, unnatural lighting and dull muted tones. This was my first impression when I walked into the office for the first time since being diagnosed. 357 more words


Day 107 - The Trials Of Traffic Cone Man

In a world with a team as cool as Super Patroller Squad, it was hard not to idolize superheroes. Ichiro was no exception. Whenever he could be heroic, Ichiro knew it was his responsibility. 332 more words

The Rim

Stuttering Collaboration

I read this article about how millennials aren’t buying as many cars and houses. Down toward the end of the article, they had this interesting bit: 436 more words

Beautiful and Fun Interior Design of LEGO's Development Department, The LEGO PMD, by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord

Just as described in the project’s description, the LEGO’s designers are the luckiest guys in the world where they can play with LEGO in their office, all day long. 24 more words

Contemporary Modern Office Interior And Furniture

Office Kitchen Culture

Office kitchens are magical, they are the only place where food literally appears and disappears in seconds. Have an old fruitcake? Bring it to the office, POOF, it will be gone. 483 more words

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