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This Hamster Wheel Treadmill Desk Is the Ideal Way to Make Your Coworkers Hate You

Ah, standing desks. Great way to avoid the many negative effects of sitting all day, and great way to increase your coworkers’ disdain for you… 145 more words

London Lettings - August 2014

Central London office lettings in August 2014 reached 807,000 sq ft in 43 medium or large deals, following the traditionally slower August deals month.

However the yearly total to date of 9.6m sq ft is comfortably above the same point in 2013. 109 more words

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How the light gets in

When you work as a consultant, as I do, you end up in a lot different kinds of unpleasant work spaces. There is the big room that requires industrial strength head phones to concentrate, and there is the office awkwardly shared with your supervisor who has no where else to put you. 489 more words


Rotam Vastgoed Offices By MOOD Interieur & Delta Light, Breda – Netherlands

September 18th, 2014 by retail design blog

A project picture from the Lighting Bible 9 was the initial inspiration for this project. In their showroom in Amsterdam, Delta Light has worked out a light plan with MOOD Interieur for the renovation of the Rotam Vastgoed offices in Breda…. 8 more words

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Nick Denton Says Gawker Media Is Booming, Moving -- And Fighting the Good Fight

Remember when Gawker was a single site dedicated to skewering New York’s media elite?

That was a long time ago! Now Nick Denton’s blog empire boasts eight sites, with 280 employees, and Denton, via… 1,038 more words


The A/C Civil Wars & 8 Other Encounters That Occur in an Office

Credits to my Co-Contributing Cubemate: Jeanette Morris

1. The Office Ghost

That co-worker you’re expecting to be at the office…but just stops showing up. Their desk is perfectly in tact and animated with stuffed animals, knick-knacks, and the best ink pens on this side of the cube farm. 486 more words


An office within an office

An office—shaped like a cave or even a weaverbird’s nest—within an office is just the kind of space we’d all love to experience. I recently came across this trend while doing some research for an article that I was working on and I think it’s rather exciting given that offices are fast adapting to become more employee-friendly. 156 more words

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