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[From. LUHAN] Thank you!

Today I was really really touched!

I heard all of the birthday songs you sang for me! Thank you!

I won’t disappoint everyone’s hopes for me! 21 more words


[FROM. LUHAN] Hello Everyone, This is Luhan.

In the blink of an eye, 2 years have already passed. Time really does pass quickly.
In the past two years, I’ve experienced so so much! 62 more words


[FROM. TAO] Hello. This is EXO's Tao

The me who will always love you all. Thank you for the love that each and every one of you have given to EXO.

Source: exom’s  12 more words


[FROM. LAY] Hello Everyone.

Time passes so quickly.
It’s actually our second anniversary. I’m extremely happy and extremely grateful.
The 8th of April I remember when we first debuted and today are vastly different. 98 more words


[FROM. XIUMIN] I'm EXO's Xiumin.

We are one!!
Hello. This is EXO’s Xiumin who has just turned two years old.

What day is April 8th?? EXO’s two year anniversary??
No~~ In order to meet the fans, it’s the day that EXO was born!! 128 more words


[FROM. KRIS] Hello Everyone I am Kris.

Thank you to all the fans who have been constantly supporting EXO.
We will continue to work hard and reach new heights.
Meigeni, I like you (all) and it won’t change. 82 more words


[FROM. CHEN] Hello. I'm EXO's Chen.

Today is the day that’s been two years since we debuted!!
Because I’m recieving congratulations from so many people, I’m having a very good day^^ 137 more words