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141123 Lovelyz Twitter Update : Kei

@Official_LVLZ: “[#Kei] Today we go up the stage with fresh yellow uniforms>< Don’t forget to watch us!!! We’re going to shoot love’s heart to you !! 11 more words


141122 Lovelyz Twitter Update : JIN

@Official_LVLZ: “[#Myungeun] Hello  I’m geuni geuni myungeuni ! I made you worried yesterday! I’m sorry I made you worried yesterday don’t worry I’m infinite healthy now! 15 more words


211114 Lovelyz Twitter Update : Yein 1P

@Official_LVLZ: “[#Yein] It’s maknae Yein!! Today was the day we had Candy Jelly Love live!! Today is the first live broadcast so we are all nervous! 25 more words


141120 Lovelyz Twitter : Baby Soul at M! Countdown

@Official_LVLZ: “[#Babysoul] Hello~ We are going to show our lovely sides in Mcountdown with Candy Jelly Love!! You are not going to do something else instead of watching Mcountdown right?? 16 more words

Baby Soul