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Please take a number, an infinite one

In February this year, the US and Canadian governments signed an intergovernmental agreement to co-operate on Fatca. The Foreign Accounts Taxation Compliance Act required all foreign banks to disclose the financial information of any American with assets over $50,000 sitting in banks outside of the US. 151 more words


Tax Trial Underway for EX-UBS Banker

The criminal trial of Raoul Weil, the highest-ranking official to be charged by the U.S. in an offshore tax evasion case, began this week. Weil, the former head of  UBS AG global wealth management, was indicted in 2008 for helping 17,000 U.S. 73 more words

Offshore Accounts

Post your FATCA/FBAR/CBT article here!

If you are tired of the USA’s FBAR, Citizenship-Based Taxation (CBT), and FATCA—this is YOUR place.

If you want to make a post of your own, send in a comment with simple instructions.  257 more words

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https://twitter.com/USCitizenAbroad/status/521235922084323328 Yes, please do! I completely support this initiative. Welcome to a new blogger on FBAR, FATCA and the other ways that the U.S. violates the sovereignty of other countries through it's uniquely oppressive taxation practices. No wonder that the motto of Americans abroad is: Renounce and Rejoice!