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Offshore Bank Account Possible With Hassle Free Processing Now

Do you believe that offshore bank accounts are meant only for the rich and gangsters? This is absolutely a misconception. Let your concepts be cleared first that this is totally safe and there is no motive behind acquiring these accounts except that additional security. 234 more words


Why Offshore Bank Account is Sexy

Okay – this post should not be raunchy or anything, but what in the world offshore bank account has got to do with being sexy? Let me explain… 11 more words


"My Dog Ate My Email": What the Latest in the Lois Lerner Saga Means for Criminal Tax Cases

Imagine the IRS is auditing a person and asks for a receipt to justify a deduction. The taxpayer responds, “I had a receipt but it was in my email and my hard drive crashed, so unfortunately the receipt is lost forever.” 405 more words

Consider an Offshore Bank Account in Mainland China

Americans might be justifiably worried about their own government, but for many non-Americans, the US is a place to keep all sorts of legitimate or illegitimate money for safe keeping. 24 more words


The Truth about Offshore Banking

Many people believe that there is a fine line between those who bank offshore and criminals who launder money and evade taxation – but the truth about offshore banking and those who legitimately place assets offshore is that the action of placing money offshore is not illegal, will likely never be illegal and can be of benefit to almost all of us! 382 more words