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Major benefits of Ireland as an international offshore financial centre for startups

The following is a summary of relevant features of the Republic of Ireland as an international offshore financial centre. The financial infrastructure is highly sophisticated, having been developed along British lines. 20 more words

When Agile doesn't work (Article in German)

In “Leichte Dellen” iX, a Heise publication, details the situation of software development that requires Agile, but doesn’t allow for it (e.g. due to customer maturity issues). 125 more words


Is IRC back, just now in professional attire?

This sounds, like IRC is back - just in a professional way and already connected to everything a development team could dream of. It has just about everything conected, from chatting, video conferencing, screensharing,  agile project management, source code hosting, quality assurance support, continuous integration, tons of online ruby developer tools, uptime monitoring and crash reporting, performance analysis, to all different flavors of helpdesk and even scheduling  services. Sounds pretty wow.


The Core Of The 50K+ Employees Org - The ‘Employees‘!

One of the best experiences of working with an organization like Prozant is being able to work with a diverse set of people from all across the country and at times with folks from different countries as well. 755 more words


Heavy lift: DP proves useful for offshore wind

An increasing number of dynamic positioning (DP) self-propelled units are working in the offshore renewables sector, and self-propelled jack-ups are an increasingly common sight in the offshore wind sector. 252 more words