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Finally Five

Charlie turns five years old today. Yesterday, he was only four, a BABY. Today he is five, Imminent Kindergartner.

Incidentally, it was Haircut Day on Easter (isn’t that how you celebrate?) and Charlie surprised us when he asked for a close cut. 708 more words


Matthew Le Nevez shirtless in Offspring 4-05 "Episode 5"

We get some shirtless action with Patrick talking to his baby who is still in the womb.


Low point before the high ?

Well have been busy but felt there wasn`t much inspiring me to share but have SO enjoyed reading and sharing the adventures of others.

I am learning to improve my blog and have discovered WIDGETS so pretty much have added them all ! 434 more words

Thinking of the Future

Sometimes I wonder what age men start thinking about children. The thought of having a kid seems very daunting, but I am so excited to have one eventually with Mr. 87 more words

Matthew Le Nevez shirtless in Offspring 4-03 "Episode 3"

So gorgeous, Matthew Le Nevez spends ages in a towel as they fight but try not to resolve it with sex. Love the bits where he is trying to hide the fact that his is aroused.


Matthew Le Nevez, Garry McDonald and John Waters shirtless in Offspring 4-02 "Episode 2"

What was already a great show became so much better when they started getting super hot Matthew Le Nevez’s clothes off in each episode. Poor Nina walking in on her Mum and two Dads in the hot tub together.


Zombies and Jesus.

Now that I think of it, zombies are not a far stretch for the imagination.  I am not referring to the creature of Haitian folklore, but rather the Hollywood depiction often referred to as, “The Walking Dead”: lifeless but still moving. 467 more words