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Ofsted - Action Plan

Following our Ofsted inspection last year and the subsequent monitoring visits, we wanted to share with you some of the changes that we have made at the Pre-School as a result of those visits and the development of our action plan. 391 more words


Standards In English Schools Part I: The introduction of the National Curriculum and GCSEs

The Introduction to this series of blogs, HERE, sets out the background and goals.

There are many different senses in which people discuss ‘standards’. Sometimes they mean an overall judgement on the performance of the system as judged by an international test like PISA. 11,621 more words

UK Politics

Standards In English Schools Part 0: Introduction

‘I think the educational and psychological studies I mentioned are examples of what I would like to call Cargo Cult Science. In the South Seas there is a Cargo Cult of people. 2,092 more words

UK Politics

Tospy Turvey

My son goes to an Outstanding school.  Not that what Ofsted had to say about it bore any bearing whatsoever on our decision to send him there.  1,000 more words


Dear "Outstanding Teacher"

Dear “Outstanding Teacher”,

I’ve just read your secret teacher letter to Ofsted in the guardian and I have to say I was unimpressed. You mention time and time again that you’ve done things to tick boxes because that’s what you thought the rules were. 254 more words


Special Schools and Outstanding Status

Earlier this week @miss_mcinerney published an article in The Guardian stating that 35% of Special Schools are rated as Outstanding yet no one celebrates or even mentions this fact. 1,279 more words


My first Ofsted school inspection experience

Haven’t blogged for a little while. That’s what being back at school full-time does to you. It eats up all your time.

This week my school was inspected for 2 days by Ofsted, which was my first ever experience as a teacher. 290 more words