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Week In Review- Rise Of Ukip, Islamic Schools Threatened And More

Who represents the Working Class?

The fall out from the Rocester and Strood by-election has seen a discussion about who represents the working class. Much is made of how Democracy represents the will of the people yet in reality it is the corporately funded and directed with the media projected political parties that are offered to the electorate, presenting this as some choice. 508 more words

Isn't it time to close down all faith schools?

Religion – or more accurately differences in religious beliefs – has been said to be the cause of more deaths in our history on this planet than any other. 826 more words


End of the road

Well I think I am at the point where I am am coming to the end of the road of my eduction career. 18 years as a primary teacher, two years in post as a substantive head. 590 more words

Education Leadership

Ofsted report: Disruptive children cause pupils to lose an hour of education a day

Ofsted report: Disruptive children cause pupils to lose an hour of education a day, writes Chloe Dobinson

A recent study carried by Ofsted believed children lose up to an hour of education a day due to disruptive behaviour. 732 more words


The Workload Conversation by @TeacherToolkit

Over the past month I have been reminded of some simple and important educational values. This blog is about teacher relationships, unnecessary workload and political claptrap. 2,009 more words


London Schools: Brace Yourself for Another Round of Ofsted Discrimination Under the Guise of “Extremism”

Brace yourselves for round two of forced assimilation in schools, twists, lies and distortions to maintain the fear-mongering around the most dreaded of all people, the beings who would make Freddy Cruger look like a Care Bear and a faith which would the big blue monster in Monsters Inc look like a My Little Pony: Islam and Muslims. 1,020 more words

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Good news for Somerset's vulnerable learners

Three schools for vulnerable learners in Somerset have been rated good by Ofsted inspectors following recent visits.

In September 2013 Somerset County Council restructured its arrangements for vulnerable learners being taught in Pupil Referral Units. 399 more words

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