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GMAT Study Schedule Breakdown

It’s officially August!! This year man… literally FLYING by!

I have decided to share my “Less than a month til the GMAT” prep schedule. Feel free to use what I’m doing as a guide for those of you with test dates coming up or even critique what I have planned and let me know what you think worked and didn’t work for you. 560 more words


Devarim (Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22), Shabbat Chazon, Tisha B'Av

Words.  That is the Hebrew name of the final book of the Torah and of this portion: Devarim. In English, the book is Deuteronomy.  From etymologyonline.com, 967 more words

WATCH | Jay Complex - religionROUGE LP Trailer

  • Artist | Jay Complex
  • Project | religionROUGE

#BASS artist and #OG co-founder Jay Complex dropped a teaser trailer for his religionROUGE album, set to be released today by #TheREDEFINED at 2pm CST. 55 more words

The Music

OG Air Flight Huarache Release Date

Nike‘s Air Flight Huarache is set to make its return this fall in proper OG form. One of the many gifts of a 1992 collaboration between Tinker Hatfield and Eric Avar. 59 more words

Good Fashion

In which a small but significant milestone is reached

Today I announced to LT and LZ that I would be very happy not to ever see OG again, ever.

LT called my bluff and said ‘so you’ll delete his number from your phone, then?’ 19 more words


Devarim - Words

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 5th book called Devarim – Words. This week is also the beginning of the month of Menachem Av. This is the month that our Temples were destroyed and our exiles, including this one, began. 170 more words

Secrets From Mt. Sinai

Why Stolen Valor Is So Easy

Every time a new story arises of a stolen valor case, people impersonating military personnel, claiming medals they never received, or embellishing their actual military record, I am asked by my civilian friends why these things happen.  930 more words

Non Combat Ops