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Menorrhagia, or heavy menstrual bleeding, is excessive menstrual blood loss over several consecutive cycles which interferes with a woman’s physical, emotional, social and material quality of life.

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Clinical Skills

Trentino - Og Trentino Ft. Que [Free Download]

Recently I got to experience a Trentino live performance as BOAT with Big Once at the Mid in Chicago and I was quite impressed. The Chicago locals rocked the set with mixing and scratching skills on the turntables with a song selection that’ll have any party bangin. 114 more words



Absence of menstrual bleeding.

Primary amenorrhoea refers to never having menstrual period i.e. absence of the menarche.  By age 16 in a girl with normal secondary sexual characteristics e.g.

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Hot Chocolate’s Aztec History

People tend to think of hot chocolate as a warm, comforting drink, one served up to small children on a cold night. But it was once revered as a great tonic for warriors, who needed energy and sustenance to tackle challenges such as big battles or arduous journeys. 407 more words

Obstetrics & Gynaecology: The biggest privilege

Yesterday, I took part in, what I believe, is one the biggest privileges as a medical student: Delivering a baby.

One of the most intimate moments for a woman and her family, where inhibitions are lost and emotions quickly bubble to the surface – pain, excitement, fear and joy. 108 more words

The Daily Sands

A winning combination

We at Organo Gold couldn’t be prouder of boxer Manny Pacquiao, who was the unanimous winner this weekend in his highly anticipated rematch against Timothy Bradley Jr. 297 more words

Sanctions Show their Bite

It is being billed as the $90,000 mail-room mix-up over a 30c rubber ring. The oil field equipment can also be used in nuclear installations and was mistakenly addressed to an Iranian address thus running afoul of export controls. 271 more words