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The Ogham

I’m a sentimental girl, an incurable romantic prone to fits of nostalgia. Because of this, I have booked four trips to Ireland looking for…I don’t know. 501 more words


Ogham Stones

The Passage of Stones at University College Cork is exactly what it says on the tin, a passage of … stones! Ogham stones to be exact. 164 more words

Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

Ogham Course: Divine Center mp3


The other day I received the first lessons for the Ogham course from the Druid Forest School. (the course is also offered on his other website, earthstarweb.com) 214 more words


Dark Moon: Mor

The Sea. Scots pine. Beech. Witch hazel. Twin of hazel. All of these have been proposed as interpretations for Mor. Personally, beech and the sea are the two which resonate most, so it is with them that my interpretations for this dark moon begins. 161 more words


Codename Ogham ...

Crack the code with the help of the Ogham alphabet.

Maes Y Morfa

Pass it on ...

Here are the set of drawings that we worked on together. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.


Maes Y Morfa

Igam, Ogam, oils and ink

Today we began by writing our names in ogham – an ancient Celtic script. (The Welsh ‘Igam ogam’ can be translated as ‘zig zag’)

We then looked at a book “The Colour of Saying’ celebrating the work of Mary Lloyd Jones a Welsh artist who expresses things about the landscape and her sense of identity by incorporating ogham, symbols and the welsh language in her colourful paintings that are ‘full of feelings’. 129 more words

Maes Y Morfa