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Wood is Alive

As a druid and animist pagan I believe all things have Life – trees are no exception. Trees may not be able to walk or have hearts which beat like a human (unless you believe in Ents!) but they have a life-force and a spiritual being which is far older and deeper than ours. 283 more words


Dark Moon: Ur

Sadly, my real-life success with growing Ur, or Heather as we usually now call it, has been zilch.  I just can’t seem to get the damned stuff to winterover.   311 more words


Into the Grey (Luise)

“Fergus said I was to be the one to take the boat out and you were to mind the nets.”  Breccan’s voice sounded doubly querulous for how loud he had to raise it to be heard over the wind that lashed the twilit shore. 3,438 more words

My Fiction

Full Moon readings...

There’s a full moon tonight (and the blood-moon was last night/early this morning).
We did a group (troupe) reading tonight, as a means of seeing if we’re going in the right direction and what we could do to achieve our collective goals. 254 more words

Culture And Society

A Bemusement of Faeries

When I light a candle in the hollow of the fallen Cedar, he, or she, or they are there.  I haven’t asked them which pronouns they prefer, so forgive the ambiguity.  931 more words


Phagos Verse

Old wisdom
Guide now my path
Onward from the past


The journey begins

So here I am; the first few faltering steps taken to create my very own website devoted entirely to Tree Lore. Over the years I’ve often found myself comforted by the presence of trees, especially when walking through the deep natural and ancient woodlands which can still be found in Britain. 57 more words