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One Month

Today, Charlotte is one month old!

To celebrate, Charlotte spent some time playing on the activity gym (and by playing, I mean she stared off to the side and occasionally knocked a toy when flinging her arms around), cried and was consoled by dancing to polka music with Dan, and hung out with Mike and Marnee, who came over and cooked us Thai food. 32 more words

Oh Baby!

Joseph 2.1

This month, I am so happy that it has finally gotten warm enough to play outside! I would stay out all day long if mom would let me. 173 more words

Oh Baby

it's facebook official

in today’s world, life events don’t actually happen until you put post about them on the internets, so since i’ve given myself permission to talk about it publicly, i guess it’s really happening. 450 more words


to: my baby

wow! i mean holy cats!

today i found out that you exist and suddenly my whole world is blown. i’m trying to concentrate on simple tasks and go about my day but it is just so hard because i can’t think about anything but you. 750 more words


Oh Baby - Lyrics

Title  Oh Baby
Composer  Aretha Franklin
Composition’s Year  1973
First Recording Artist  Aretha Franklin
Aretha’s First Recording Year  1973

You came to me for the first time… 283 more words

Aretha Franklin

The Moods of Charlotte, As Told By The Beastie Boys

So What’cha Want“: They say that as a mother I will instinctively learn how to distinguish the hunger cries from the diaper cries from the I-just-plain-want-to-be-held cries from the tired cries, but we are a far cry (BAM) away from me being able to tell anything other than that she is crying. 233 more words

Oh Baby!

Charlotte Patrice Brauer

Hello! As some of you may have heard (and my apologies for the so-late post!) Dan and I are pleased to welcome a brand new Minneapolitan to our family. 1,896 more words

Oh Baby!