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Trip Lee x New Art Cover x New Book

If you saw our instagram (@longlivetheQweens) or peeped our twitter from lastnights BET Music Matters showcase, then you would know Gospel Rapper Trip Lee is the “Truth” ! 109 more words

Oh God!

BET Music Matters x SOBs

Last Night was a record breaking night in my book! Not only was there early arrivals way before 7pm but a wrapped around the corner line and barely any space left inside for the monthly… 613 more words

Peep This!

Let Us Reflect And Learn After The Death Of Mike Brown In Ferguson***messymandella***

What if Mike Brown walked out of that gas station on August 19, 2014 and hopped in the car with a friend, instead of this horrific experience that destroyed the dreams of a future college student? 440 more words


life stuff i guess

heLLO !!!!!! i havent written a proper blog entry in a while and i feel like i’ve been suppressing a lot¬†of feelings. i dont know why or how, but ever since the 2nd week of school started, things have been going downhill from there. 378 more words

You there?

I don’t know if you read this anymore. You used to…and I hope you still do.
I don’t know what I’m doing writing a freaking letter to you. 653 more words

Day 16: Gold

Her hair was golden, she looked like a goddess. The way her clothes clung to each curve of her body was hypnotizing. I wasn’t surprised that she was popular. 26 more words

Short Story