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A Saturday

I’m sadly going to have to postpone this week’s Word Wednesday because I’ve lost my voice. Or rather it’s still there, I just sound like a¬†sixty-year-old chain smoking prostitute who’s deepthroated one too many times. 1,779 more words


Hipsters: Blessing Every Corner of the World Since Before It Was Cool

Was walking through shinae and just had to take a picture of this window display.


Also this. This ukulele cover of “Skin”.

Grimes anyone? 55 more words


Meanwhile in Myeongdong

We were browsing Forever21 when we came across a mannequin’s lovely plumber’s crack.

Also this fine specimen of modern jewelry.

In other news, Andrea’s showed me how to play her ukulele and has totally converted me. 8 more words


A Difference in Perspective

Okay first off, so sorry guys that I missed yesterday’s post! I had it all ready and prepped and then fell asleep reading¬†Dune instead. I even had a dream I was busily tapping away at my keyboard on WordPress which robbed me of any unconscious guilt I might have had for sleeping…eee. 483 more words


Word Wednesday #6: Gimme Gimme!!

At request, today’s Word Wednesday will be a useful expression. Don’t fret! Korean is quite an economical language, and as such it amounts to be one word rather than a phrase. 355 more words


Birthday Present, Carl Sagan, and Greasy Sex - Not Necessarily in That Order

It’s been an eventful week, as one might imagine from the title. Things are all nice and active. Even though I’m not a student anymore, I officially still like the start of semester – yes, even as a teacher. 873 more words


The Claw

As one walks the streets of Korea, one begins to notice an odd thing: arcade games set up on the street. I don’t know if this is just a Cheongju thing, but I mean those coin operated punching bags, vending machines that drop their goods according to chance, and lots and lots of claw machines: they’re everywhere. 634 more words