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Oftentimes as an ESL teacher, I like to offer more than just my language.

I also like to think I┬ámake available my cultural difference for answering various questions about the world (“Why are there black people in America and white people in Brazil?”), exposing them to indigenous cultures (Students: “Eskimo!” Me: “Actually, Inuit; Eskimo is offensive.” Students: “Eskimo!”), and letting them know about various international holidays (Me: “It’s Canada Day today!” Students: *absolutely blankness*). 1,256 more words


We've Been At the Claw Machine Again

A portion of the collection thus far:

So many bunnies!


Fashion Watch, Downtown Cheongju

Found these glories whilst walking downtown. Both made me do doubletakes and I thought that made them worthy to share with y’all.


Pale Like Elsa

Saw this advertisement outside a cosmetics shop – not even surprised the Snow Queen is inspiring Korean makeup. Like many other Asian countries, pale skin is considered to be more beautiful. 39 more words


Think "Frozen" Has Blown Over With the Warm Weather?

Nopedity nope nope.

Marketers, you be milking this – and I can’t say I entirely disapprove. Well played, ice cream company. Well played.


Drinking Salad

Not getting your daily veggie intake? Try this drinking salad!

They served this to us at lunch and I could’t get over how adorable the translation was. 15 more words



Like an undefined friends-with-benefits situation, I’ve had a bit of an ambiguous relationship with my microwave.

It’s a huge hulking machine that takes up nearly as much space as microwaves from the early 20th century, and to date I don’t know what it actually does. 732 more words