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The Good Wife: The Greatest Show On Television

There is no need to be delicate here: If you’re not watching The Good Wife, you are missing out on the best show on television. I won’t qualify that statement in the least — I’m not talking about the best show currently airing on broadcast television or outside of cable or on premium or however you want to sandbox this remarkable show.

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HBO's The Comeback: TV's Greatest Comedy

Valerie cherish might be the most pathetic–that is to say, easily sympathetic–character on television today, a deprived, angry, bitter worn-out actress with a loving (yet, somehow rotten) husband and needs which can’t be fulfilled, circumstances out of her control. 127 more words

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Oh My God’ serving in retail spaces too?

Looking at the global economic scenario as soon as the year started, it did not go too well for many economic giants. After the first three months of this year 2014 many global economic giants have been reported to contract. 575 more words

Oh My God Noida

Contingency vs. Reality

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m still harboring that horrendous weight of anxiety. I’ve successfully made it past the halfway mark; we are a little under 3 weeks from decisions. 330 more words

HBO's Olive Kitteridge: "A Different Road"

“Olive Kitteridge” has always been about the characters–they drive the narrative and provide insight into the relationships forged under dark, ever-changing circumstances.

And that’s why “Olive Kitteridge” is so good: It is sure of itself, it knows that emotion, romance, change comes from its characters. 503 more words

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Oh my Goddess!!

What perfume would you recommend for a Goddess?

No… this is not some clever way of soliciting gift ideas for my wife (Uma’devi’)!!  Please read on… 736 more words

HBO's Olive Kitteridge: "Incoming Tide"

Let me be straightforward: This episode–quite a compelling one, if I may add–pretty much affirmed my love for Frances McDormand. The script took itself a little less seriously and joked around a little.   370 more words

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