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Memphis City Official Explains Why Killing Pets Even Faster is Going to Be So Awesome

If you are partial to flowery political speeches, you might like to read the city’s full explanation for why it’s retaliating against rescuers shortening hours at the Memphis pound… 140 more words

Memphis Animal Shelter

Memphis Expands its Retaliation Against Rescuers and Owners of Lost Pets

Ever since Mayor Wharton put straight man James Rogers in charge of Memphis Animal Services, MAS has become lolMAS.  While MAS slaughters pets by the thousands, Rogers blathers on about being… 1,017 more words

Memphis Animal Shelter

Why do bare Nerds like Grime recently?

Good to see The Grime Report addressing the most urgent issues of the day. Allow the first half of this video, unless you’re the type of bore who gets all animated talking about different brands of marijuana it’s a total waste. 148 more words

Mad Funny

Memphis: One Step Up and Two Steps Back

After much public outcry, Memphis Animal Services has announced it will again allow Memphis Pets Alive and other rescuers to photograph pets in the healthy hold area… 414 more words

Memphis Animal Shelter

My Placement at Oh Really / Word of Mouth Publishers


When initially it came to choosing my placement company, my focus was a little different from the majority of my fellow publishing students. 746 more words

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