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Oh Shit

I am famous for my “Oh shit” moments. The words burst from my mouth so uncontrollably that heads turn and my friends jump. And today was no exception. 687 more words


White Noise

On this blog,when it comes to certain topics, this is what you’ll get:

When I started http://www.donnaeverhart.com back in early 2011, my intention was to focus on what was happening with my writing, with occasional family stuff thrown in, a book review here and there, photographs I’ve taken (strictly amateur), and whatever else I could dredge up I thought interesting.  417 more words



My friends new pipe and golden grinder. 👑

Finding out how to College the Hard Way

My days as a freshman have been over for quite some time now. Sometimes between a year ago and today, I stopped wearing my lanyard around my neck and started being able to get into parties without saying things like, “Yeah, I’m a junior… I transferred this year that’s why you’ve never seen me… Yeah, swear to God… So, got any beer?” 566 more words