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The definition of an "OH SH*T MOMENT"

It was obvious he was going to overshoot after landing deep the jump before.  Well played on the mid-air “OH SH*T”


Death by Christians

I always wondered what would happen that would throw my sanity to the wind and help my fall from Christianity… I always thought it would be my sexual orientation… Now I am sure it really has nothing to do about me or my actions, but instead it will be about perception and how others perceive me… Somehow I am surprised. 64 more words

Oh Shit...

Cloudy with a slight chance of back pain

Last Friday evening (August 29, 2014) I casually got up from the floor on which I was sitting and it happened. 


Oh a muscle pull? 206 more words

Oh Dear



why did the chicken cross the road

to get away from larry’s storyline

A Bit Disconcerting

Writers read – a lot.  For many reasons.  Out of all of the things we do, other than writing, it is, in my opinion, the other most important part of our work.  552 more words

Writerly Writes