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White Noise

On this blog,when it comes to certain topics, this is what you’ll get:

When I started http://www.donnaeverhart.com back in early 2011, my intention was to focus on what was happening with my writing, with occasional family stuff thrown in, a book review here and there, photographs I’ve taken (strictly amateur), and whatever else I could dredge up I thought interesting.  417 more words


Finding out how to College the Hard Way

My days as a freshman have been over for quite some time now. Sometimes between a year ago and today, I stopped wearing my lanyard around my neck and started being able to get into parties without saying things like, “Yeah, I’m a junior… I transferred this year that’s why you’ve never seen me… Yeah, swear to God… So, got any beer?” 566 more words


Well, Shit.

I’m eating my ice cream with a fork, and I think that’s a really great indication of how my night is going.

Here I am, trying to write my 8 page take-home midterm about morality and ethics, and I’m being distracted by WordPress and Twitter, as per usual. 201 more words


The definition of an "OH SH*T MOMENT"

It was obvious he was going to overshoot after landing deep the jump before.  Well played on the mid-air “OH SH*T”


Balance and Composure

An active social life, a good night’s sleep and good grades: pick two.

I wish that college life was all it’s been cracked up to be. 356 more words