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An ELF, a PH.D, a Gypsy, a tree climber, and a Quadcopter walk into a forest....Only 4 of 5 leave!!!!!

All of those things are good people/things to have/meet while on the road.

So yesterday as I was attempting to get some video footage with my quadcopter down a river, I lost the signal and as it should do, automatically returned home via it’s GPS.   605 more words

Learning Lessons

Casa De Grub

It’s day 4 here in Bali, Indonesia. Already 4 days, and a lot has happened. Even the best preparation wouldn’t have made me ready to arrive, and not preparation was made at all. 1,732 more words

The Mouth Runneth Over

We just recently got HRH  back from a ten day absence while she traveled to P.E.I. with her father to, I dunno, eat lobster and shop I guess.  596 more words

Memento Mori

me·men·to mo·ri

məˈmenˌtō ˈmôrē/


noun: memento mori; plural noun: memento mori

  1. an object serving as a warning or reminder of death–

So this morning, I’m lazily perusing the online Detroit Free Press whilst nursing a second cup of joe. 521 more words

Life And Death

Fried Green Tomatoes - For Real

Well folks, I’ll state the obvious; it’s summer.  Hot.  Humid.  Sticky.  Muggy.  My favorite time of year.  And, we are in a battle with the squirrels.  315 more words

Writing Books

Chapter 16: OOPS and Buy Me Out Oh Baby Buy Me Out

Safety Announcement

Before you embark on the journey that is Chapter 16, may I please draw your attention to some of the safety features on board this blog. 2,004 more words

How To Be An Old Media Bully. A Primer.

UPDATE: Seems GPB has abandoned their attempt at a “two way street” and removed all comments and commenting from Bill Nigut’s blog post referenced in this post and associated hyperlinks. 499 more words

Atlanta Media