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Well, Shit.

I’m eating my ice cream with a fork, and I think that’s a really great indication of how my night is going.

Here I am, trying to write my 8 page take-home midterm about morality and ethics, and I’m being distracted by WordPress and Twitter, as per usual. 201 more words


The definition of an "OH SH*T MOMENT"

It was obvious he was going to overshoot after landing deep the jump before.  Well played on the mid-air “OH SH*T”


Balance and Composure

An active social life, a good night’s sleep and good grades: pick two.

I wish that college life was all it’s been cracked up to be. 356 more words


Death by Christians

I always wondered what would happen that would throw my sanity to the wind and help my fall from Christianity… I always thought it would be my sexual orientation… Now I am sure it really has nothing to do about me or my actions, but instead it will be about perception and how others perceive me… Somehow I am surprised. 64 more words

Oh Shit...

Cloudy with a slight chance of back pain

Last Friday evening (August 29, 2014) I casually got up from the floor on which I was sitting and it happened. 


Oh a muscle pull? 206 more words

Oh Dear